And we thought the Senate Leadership was the only exciting power struggle this week

The Rapid City Journal is reporting tonight that OST Tribal President Alex White Plume isn't ready to give up the ghost yet... Or his tribal presidency:
Oglala Sioux Tribe President John Yellow Bird Steele didn’t oust President Alex White Plume from his office at the tribal building in Pine Ridge on Wednesday. Instead, he worked from his own office in the tribal building, while White Plume remained in his office.

Steele, who has been serving as director of revenue affairs in the tribal building, quietly walked into his second-floor office just after 11 a.m. without stopping at White Plume’s first-floor office.

It wasn’t clear whether Steele’s appearance was an official claim to the presidency or just another day at his regular job, as he walked in without acknowledging White Plume or talking to reporters at the scene.

Both men are still claiming the OST presidency, with White Plume insisting he shouldn’t have been left off the ballot in the tribe’s Nov. 7 general election — in which voters picked Steele for the role — and Steele insisting that he won the election fairly.

White Plume, who took the place of impeached President Cecelia Fire Thunder in June, was taken off the ballot four days before the election when the election board declared he was disqualified.

Steele was sworn in as president Tuesday at Kyle — a swearing-in White Plume called null and void — and claims that the post is rightfully his. Steele was sworn in with 16 tribal council members elected with him Nov. 7.

Steele said Tuesday evening he planned on occupying his office as president Wednesday.

White Plume insists he remains president, calling the swearing-in illegal.
Read it all here.


Anonymous said…
Who cares?
Brad S said…
Well, considering how big the Oglala Sioux Tribe's budget (all federal taxpayer money) is at $200 million, you probably should pay some attention.
bill fleming said…
Anonymous 8:28

Now I see why some folks don't use their real name here. Tsk.
Anonymous said…
$200 milllion! Has an investigative reporter ever tried to find out how it is being mismanaged? No. Because such an action would be seen as racist. There is no accountability on the rez because people are afraid to ask.
Anonymous said…
It is incredible that the Indian people have not been able to recognize that the reservation system hurts more people than it helps. The time to abolish the reservations has long since passed.
Anonymous said…
3:24, get over yourself and go back to your politically correct, elitist friends at Blogmore who have nothing better to do and nothing to lose (like their jobs) by identifying themselves.
Anonymous said…
4:54, Yes, the best thing we could do is dismantle the reservation system. We had once started to but failed. Now it is the most tragic manifestation of socialism in the United States and it corrupts the state as well as the people who live on the reservations. Look at them struggle to govern themselves.
Bill Fleming said…
Anon 6:24

Oh please, somebody call
this person a wah-mbulence.
Anonymous said…
Ok, here's what I'm thinking. I'm seriously considering going back to Blogmore and linking to this thread.

In doing so, it should be readily apparant that there is a knee-jerk, racist, ignorant and intolerant eliment lutking behind the scenes in state government.

This is not new news.

The new part is the way some of you have verified my suspicions by your posts above, regardless of who you are.

Thanks (I guess) at least for that.

Anonymous said…
10:21: It sounds like you are the one who could use a wah-mbulance in addition to a spelling lesson in 4:15. Go for it, link to blogmore, liberals lurking behind the cover of news writers. Also, what you said about these bloggers also smacks of profiling...gasp...which liberals cannot stand in regard to anybody else including AlQaida...Notice there was no name calling in this post, unlike in yours, unless you think liberal is name calling. By the way, I do not work for the government. However the company I work for would not like employees' names attached to a political blog.

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