Right about 30 days left..

If what I've been hearing since the legislators were in town in true, Dan Sutton is not going to last until session. Legislators were openly chatting around town that "Sutton is done, and won't make it until session." I've even heard that the leadership of the D's might have issued an ultimatum.

Why? In their campaigns, all they talked about was getting back to work. They desperately don't want to deal with allegations of sexual molestation against one of their own. Because it will devolve from there.

My prediction? If this holds true, watch for Sutton to resign, and his likely replacement will be Russell Olson.


Anonymous said…
Well that means that the GOP in the Senate is 21-14, rather than 20-15. You just know the Dems are going to whine that the Governor should appoint a Dem to fill the seat. But it's their own fault, for letting Sutton run and stay on the ballot in the first place. They knew there was a strong possibility that this could happen.
been there said…
Why not appoint Toates, since he ran for the Senate, and Olson for House and won? Or do they want Toates in the House spot? Or some unnamed GOP bootlicker?
Haggs said…
I can understand their not wanting to deal with the issue, but aren't they forgetting that Sutton hasn't actually been charged with anything? If he did do something inappropriate, they he shouldn't be a senator. But I'd prefer waiting until we find out if he's guilty before forcing him out.
Anonymous said…
hang him now! investigate later

nice of Heidepriem to cut the throat of his own people aleady

what a sad, pathetic sell-out he is
Anonymous said…
1:19 what an idiot you are. Do you have any evidence Heidepriem has cut anyone's throat, or are you just being an asshole?
Anonymous said…
David Jencks is probably angling for a seat in district 8. He ran for house in 2004. Whether he's looking to be handed a senate seat, or Olson's house seat if it opens up, who knows. But we need more lawyers in the legislature, right?
Anonymous said…
Russ Olson ran a tough campaign to win his House seat. He was running against two Dems - Dave Gassman and Gerald Lange. People took it for granted that Gassman would finish first, and it was between Olson and Lange for second. I was surprised as anyone when Russ Olson got FIRST on election day.

He worked hard and has contacts and connections all over the district. He is ready to be in the Senate, and he is the GOP's best candidate in 2008, probably against Gassman.

Russel Olson makes a ton of sense for the Governor to appoint to the Senate - and I have no idea who he'd put in as the House candidate. Toates ran against Sutton this year, but didn't really work for it. The Governor may look for someone new who can hold the House seat.
Anonymous said…
And by the way, I think it's funny that Heidepreim and the Dems are apparently just as eager as Schoenbeck was to presume Sutton's guilt and toss him out of the Senate. It just goes to show that Heidepreim places politics and ambition ahead of the right thing to do. As if we didn't already know that.
Anonymous said…
Why is everyone making negative assumptions about Heidepriem? Do any of you know Heidepriem's position on any of this? If so, please explain when you talked to Heidepriem, and what exactly he told you.
mom said…
One more time!

According to his own admission and witnesses, Dan Sutton IS guilty of sharing his room with a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT on a program for teaching government to our HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.

Male or female, 18 or younger, It doesn't matter! This was a SD PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT on a school sanctioned/government sponsored program!

It also doesn't matter what actually happened.

Our legislators should be held to at least the same standard as our teachers for heaven sake!

A teacher, Scout Leader, Coach, Church Youth Leader... whatever... who shared a bed with a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT on a trip would no longer be a teacher, Scout Leader, Coach etc....

I like Dan. I like his politics. I am sorry for his family... BUT... he made an incredibly stupid decision that NO ONE in a leadership position with youth should get away with.

EVEN IF NO GROPING TOOK PLACE... still a one bed hotel room with a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT is a dumb idea and shouldn't be overlooked!

Incidentally, I have traveled miles with many youth.

I can remember many times when we had groups of students and rooms with 2 Queen or King sized beds and four students to a room.

Several times we got another room rather than have MY OWN son or daughter and I sleep in the same bed.

On a family trip we likely would have saved the $$ but on a school or youth trip--not so.
Anonymous said…
Rounds will appoint Gerry Lange to Sutton's senate seat if Sutton resigns. It's a Democratic seat, and both Rounds and Lange are pro-life Catholics. Lange served many years in the senate before term limits forced him to switch to the House. He's ready to serve.

Rounds wouldn't steal a seat for which the voters just chose a Democrat would he?

Rounds respects the will of the voters, doesn't he?
Anonymous said…
Can anyone tell me why Dan Sutton's house is up for sale?
Anonymous said…

Under that logic Michael LaPointe of Mission would have never been appointed to fill the seat from Rosebud a few years ago.

Rounds will go with Russ Olson because he needs another guy in the senate to help with his agenda.

The district clearly voted overwhelmingly for Olson and so there won't be any bad blood.

Besides would a democrat name a republican, never in a million years. Nor should Rounds do the same.
Anonymous said…
It's a safe bet that anyone in the Democrats' leadership will complain that a Republican governor would appoint a Republican to replace a legislative seat vacated by a Democrat. If the shoe were on the other foot, Governor Jack Billion would not hesitate to increase support for this legislative programs by appointing a Democrat to replace a Republican. These are simply the spoils of winning the throne.
Anonymous said…
There is a long history in this state of governors appointing members of their own party to fill vacancies in the legislature. I'm sure there would be a perfunctory press release by SDDP and Heidepreim, but no one really expects Rounds to let the Dems keep the seat.

My favorite example of a situation like this was in the late 1990s, when Senator Dick Negstad of Brookings died during the session. He was a Republican, but not particularly friendly with Governor Janklow. Mrs. Negstad publicly asked to be appointed to the seat, but Janklow turned her down - he appointed Arnie Brown instead.

As has been mentioned, Rounds has appointed a Republican to a Democratic seat one other time - when he Michael LaPointe into the District 27 seat when Dick Hagen died.

I'm sure Governor Billion (or Governor Heidepreim) would do the same thing.
Anonymous said…
I wonder what Governor Knudson would do? And that's the point isn't it?

But, since I know what Governor Schoenbeck would do, I can sleep tongight.
Anonymous said…
2:21 Have you asked Dan why his house is up for sale? That's the best source. Everyone else is just speculating. Is it uncommon for successful people to move to different houses?
Anonymous said…
Maybe Sutton just used a legitimate wrestling move on the page - the "butt drag" just like that wrestler from Parker used on all of his teammates.

"If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit."

To find out more about that move, just read keloland.com
Anonymous said…
Mike Butler is representing both Sutton and the wrestler from Parker. You can expect the same defense for both.
Anonymous said…
Sutton did what he is accused of, and when the facts begin to roll out, those of you who want defend this guy can go join the rest of your ilk outside of Neverland Ranch. Hey maybe that is why Danno is selling his house, so he can either move there or join Michael Jackson on the road
Anonymous said…
You people are pathetic...why is Dan selling his house...because he damn well wanted to!!! Nothing more..he purchased another beautiful home in his home town and is moving...end of story, sorry for you sorry SOB's who wanted more...there just isn't! Good for Dan!!
Anonymous said…
pp- You should take anonymous's 5:11 down. You have taken less offensive unproven things down previously and this post is immature and openly hostile.
Anonymous said…
"pp- You should take anonymous's 5:11 down. You have taken less offensive unproven things down previously and this post is immature and openly hostile."

Do you wear a dress too?
Anonymous said…
Yes, I do. But I happen to be a woman. I hear you wear ladies panties- so what are you?
Anonymous said…
This thread is further cementing this blog's status as the National Enquirer of SD blogs.

Congrats, PP.
PP said…
5:11's was a bit much.
Anonymous said…
5:32, you don't know anything. You weren't in the room, and there is no way for you to know what happened there unless you were looking through a peephole.

If Sutton let a family friend stay in his room with the (adult) page's permission AND the permission of the page's parents, then it's no business of anyone's unless it can be proven that something happened beyond what was consented to by everyone. Yes, I said PROVEN! PROVE IT!
Anonymous said…
It is hard to believe that some of you claim to know anything. You make up things and after a while you start to believe it yourself. The guy deserves a chance to speak in front of his peers and let them judge. Hopefully they have not already made up their minds without important information. Things are not always what they appear.
Anonymous said…

how do you know there was only one bed? were you there? how do you know there weren't two beds or a pull-out? enquiring minds want to know..
Anonymous said…
Think about if this were you. Put yourself in this man’s shoes. Would you want to be found guilty before a trial or even a charge? I think that IF the Attorney's Generals office brings forth a charge, then they should ask Sutton to step down until the trial is over. If, and I said IF, he is found guilty then he shouldn’t serve. However, as of now these are accusations. They are NOT facts. Can you all just remember that this is supposed to be the United States of America, where we are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY? Did I miss a trial and conviction? If you were in Sutton’s shoes, how would you feel if an accusation (that has not been proven) ruined your life? This is ridiculous!

This is a man’s life not a soap opera. We should all remember that this is a man who has done a lot for his legislative district, a lot for the Native American community, and a lot for the youth of his community. Besides the Wiese accusation, there isn’t another person that can say anything bad about this guy. Why is that? He was re-elected by his constituents and he should serve unless there is a charge. If there isn't even a charge, how can any of you justify your "crucify him" antics?
nonnie said…
Maybe I'd have had a little more sympathy for Sutton if he hadn't pulled a fast one and resigned from last session only to say he'd still be taking his seat in the new session. I have never heard him deny the allegations as of yet either. He should have let the special session occur and have faced the music at that time. His resign now, but come back next term move was sleezy, slimy, "lawyeristic," and smacked of "in your face, ha!"

I hope that he does resign because if not, the new legislative session is going to be a mess and get even less done than it usually does. If he truly cared about what is best for the people of SD vs himself, this is the route he would take at this point.
Anonymous said…

Do you realize how much that special session would have cost the taxpayers of South Dakota?

Do you really think a legislative hearing on this mattter is the best course of action? I dont! Have you heard of a court of law? Charges, hearings and verdits are the way of our land and if you think thats a bad idea, then maybe you should move to somewhere where no process or procedure and no due process is okay.

If a session would have been held on Sutton the aforementioned is exactly what was scheduled to take place. Is that fair or right???? Would u make a move to avoid that? I would!

Oh, and Sutton has denied the allegations....or maybe that doesnt matter to you also!
nonnie said…
I'm not saying that I wanted to pay for a special session either. But the fact that Sutton resigned from one term to avoid the special session (after he won the next term) but said he intended to come back for the next term is just a little bit questionable (more polite wording than I used before but meaning is the same).

And in all this controversy I really haven't heard much denial from Sutton. Mostly nothing from him actually.

As far as a court of law goes, this was a violation of legislative rules, which is what the special session, and now the next session, will address. It's separate from a court case.
Anonymous said…
Sutton has said all he needs to say. Someone's father made a vague accusation of "sexual groping". Sutton said it didn't happen. Nobody has offered up any proof or even any specifics. There's nothing more for Sutton to respond to.
Anonymous said…

You must not understand about the practice of law and sexual harassment suits.
It was a good thing when sexual harassment became a well known issue because those pigs who used to get away with touching, teasing,manipulating etc could not do it without at least the possibility of getting caught and having repercussions.
Unfortunately now the law is always on the accusers side and now the accused (even when innocent) cannot ever clear their name- it is always a he said she said or in this case he said he said.
Sutton probably is running up enormous bills to defend his name. Even if it is shown there is not enough evidence, he still will be perceived guilty.
It is extremely unfair that an innocent person could be left with huge legal bills to try to clear their name.
Why anyone ever runs for anything is beyond me? Anyone can find someone to drum up some false charge. The gender really doesn't matter.
If you really did not like someone of either gender it is an easy charge to make because often there are no others who have seen the alleged incident.
I hope that their is some positive end to this mess but I find it hard to believe that it is possible.
Don't always believe all you hear because you could be the one on the other side of this situation.

I am quite sure, Nonnie, that Butler would not allow his client to talk. So his perceived silence may only be because of competent legal counsel.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
PP said…
5:15 - I've had this discussion with others lately. Unless you're going to put your real name to it and provide evidence, don't post it here.

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