Alan Aker - Herseth just like the rest of the Dems

This weekend in the Rapid City Journal, former State Senator Alan Aker wrote in his column (in reference to her position on Iraq as noted in the constituent correspondence below) that she's not so much a blue dog Democrat as much as a member of a larger crowd:
Did Bush stubbornly reject opposition recommendations to replace Defense
Secretary Don Rumsfeld, increase the number of troops, and implement more
aggressive rules of engagement? Did conditions on the ground worsen? Quite
the opposite. Bush changed course on Iraq, and early indications are that it
might be working.

What changed Herseth’s position is that Nancy Pelosi became speaker of the
House. I’m not claiming she was explicitly threatened or bribed.

Washington politics aren’t that straightforward. And although Herseth won’t
tell us what she wants to do about Iraq, we now know that she’s no
Read it all here.


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