New GOP Leadership

I was in Brookings this weekend, so I didn't get the particulars firsthand, but as soon as I run it down I'll let you know the new slate of GOP officers (and I'm assuming Karl Adam was elected chair as anticipated).

If anyone reading was there, drop a note under comments as to what went on.


Anonymous said…
Karl Adam - Chair
Sue Peterson - Vice Chair
Paul Knecht - Treasurer
Kevin Thom - Secretary

This is a great slate for the GOP.
Anonymous said…
Mark Mickelson Governor, 2010. Lord, could it be any clearer?
Anonymous said…
Don't you think that, before approving Karl Adam, the party would have made sure that Mickelson was NOT planning to run for governor in 2010? It would seem that there are too many people attached to other candidates who would want that assurance. More likely, the party homes that Adam can talk Mickelson into running for US House.
Anonymous said…
Excellent slate for the GOP! Not a chance Mickelson is running for Governor in 2010. Perhaps 2014 or 2018, but NOT 2010.
Anonymous said…
More of the same milk-toast. All from Pierre except a liberal from Sioux Falls. Top-down government in Pierre. How many legislative and state-wide losses will it take to get the GOP back to its roots? There doesn't seem to be any fire left in the GOP of this state. It is a sad state of affairs Rounds has left us in!
Anonymous said…
After four years of ho-hum leadership at the state GOP office, this is a refreshing change...

Karl Adams is a great choice. He's been around politics, but he doesn't bring any baggage.

Sue is a hard worker and is a "get it done" kind of person.

Paul is a bright guy and will do well. I'm somewhat surprised he would want the job given the rumors of a major FEC audit that was just completed, but hopefully he can help straighten out some of the "creative accounting" practices that got a little out of hand.

Don't know Kevin Thom, so I can't comment on him.

It will be interesting now to see if they make any staff changes or go with the team they've got.
Anonymous said…
I think this is a strong team and an exciting leadership group for the SD GOP. Karl Adam will do a great job and the position for Sue Peterson is well-deserved.
Anonymous said…
How anyone can tag Sue Peterson as "a liberal from Sioux Falls" is beyond me. She is a hard worker, a great person, and will recruit solid candidates. When she chaired the Minnehaha County party—every single race had a GOP candidate running. That is no easy feat in Sioux Falls!
You go girl!
Anonymous said…
Milk-toast? All from Pierre? Liberal from Sioux Falls? Wow! This is a strong group of leaders from across South Dakota. Karl is from Pierre. Paul brings strong rural roots from Hoven, and good leadership skills. He now lives in Pierre, but brings a statewide perspective from his association work. Kevin lives in Rapid City. Finally, since when is Sue Peterson a liberal?
Anonymous said…
You need to remember - for some on this blog "Liberal" means "not a radical far-right conservative."
Anonymous said…
Some of you are very critical! I would rather have our slate of Officers vs theirs. What's their Chairs name again? All he knows how to do is deficit spend, Thank Goodness he didn't get elected.

This team will be good. Now they need to get good candidates to run.

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