The Secret of Their Success

I was trying to figure out something to write this this cold and wintery morning.

As I was reminded recently by someone who didn't like what I had to say, despite my political affiliation, I'm sometimes accused of being too tough on my fellow Republicans. (As if they haven't been giving me a reason to grumble with some of the legislation this year).

People who know me understand that more than anything, I go after stupidity. But yes, let me assure everyone, I remain steadfast to my political affiliation, and take ample opportunity to remind everyone that we live in a conservative red state.

To point out why Republicans are always the better option in South Dakota, let's take a look at the batting averages of some of our new Democratic all stars.

Tom Katus was one of the more expensive players for the Senate Dems this year, but with Benedict Arnold Republican Stan Adelstein backing him, price was no object. Too bad Tom isn't producing very well this year.

With one hit out of 9 times in legislation he's primed, his batting average of .111 might just find him sent back to the minors this next year. Although, it's about the same as his predecessor. So, his district might think that's just fine and dandy.

Nancy Turbak is batting .500 with legislation she's prime sponsor of. She swung for the fences on her open records law (which mostly exempted the legislature from it) and missed, but took the base run with her bill codifying last year's legislation.

Alan Hoerth struck out with his only turn at bat, leaving him with .000. Poor Alan. But when you're using something as goofy as tanning legislation to build your reputation, what do you expect.

Frank Kloucek kept up his usual average approaching .000 this year as well missing 11 out of 11 times at bat. And no Frank, I'm not going to count resolutions and commemorations.

For someone who knows her way around a softball field, Sandy Jerstad tanked on her 3 out of 3 as well. If she hadn't missed her first chance in the batting cage for the Death Penalty bill when she was absent for the first attempt at a hearing, maybe she would have gotten more practice.

Scott Heidepreim, who wanted to get the legislature back to work, found himself squeaking out a .200 average as he passed one out of his five bills - just barely beating Tom Katus.

Ryan Maher has swung 4 times and missed, but has one big at bat left with his Brand Board bill which is sitting on the Governor's desk.

It's time for me to trot off to work, but until next time, keep those pencils sharp as we all keep score at the 82n'd legislative session all-star game.


Anonymous said…
PP said:
"People who know me understand that more than anything, I go after stupidity."

I respond:
"[W]e scorn and despise and persecute and try to kill in others what we most fear in ourselves."
Anonymous said…
How's Cooper Garnos doing? What about Jerry Apa?
Anonymous said…
PP: I admire what you do. This site provides a discussion of all topics and certainly does not discriminate against republicans. Some republicans in this state believe that anything that originates from GOP leadership in Pierre is above reproach. That is certainly not the case.

The pressure you are feeling means that you are making a difference. This web site provides an opportunity for independent thought. Although some may loath that, independent thought, and yes, criticism will hopefully provoke thought and save our party from destruction because of the "yes men" are too afraid to say what needs to be said.

PP, thank you for providing an opportunity for discussion and thought!
Anonymous said…
Turbak's bill codifying last year's legislation is a mere formality. It passes every year unanimously no matter who primes it. She had nothing to do with it's content.
Anonymous said…
looks like Scotty Hyrdroperm basically accomplished NOTHING...ha ha... but i guess he did stab his fellow Democratic Senator in the back, so that's something
Anonymous said…
Normally, your critiques seem fair but judging legislators on the number of "bills passed" seems a little faulty to me:

l) A GOP dominated legislature is never going to let very many bills sponsored by Dems to get tracton, esp. if they are consequential ... so Democrats will sometimes find a GOP sponsor for something they really care about.

2) There is a very legitimate role for the minority party -- that of critiquing and exposing the wrongheadedness of the majority party.

3) Also, "bills passed" doesn't take into account how many times a lawmaker helped kill bad legislation.

4) It also fails to recognize work with amendments, hog houses, compromises at the Long Branch, etc. etc.
Deputy Dawg said…
Just layin' down the law for y'all!

Jerry Lammers, when he was your GOP House Leader, used to say "you can do whatever you want, as long as you got the votes." Geez, PP, does that have anything to do with the win/loss record of members of the minority party?????


When the Democrats get a majority in both houses and control the governor's office, maybe we can reverse that score and we'll see who's a dolt or a scholar.

I can't believe you'd post anything so idiotic as the win/loss scores in the South Dakota legislature. It's not lost on anyone who can fog a mirror that the GOP caucus routinely guns down every Dem bill they can without making it too embarrassing for themselves.

Anonymous said…
Hoerth what a mistake Brown County sent to Pierre! A tan ban and a repel of the right to work law. Listen to Hoerth and Hunstad, between the two of them you don't equal a whole.
Anonymous said…
"PP wrote: ..and take ample opportunity to remind everyone that we live in a conservative red state."
I am beginning to wonder about that. I moved to SD five years ago for several reasons. One was that I thought it was a conservative red state. But the liberals are shrill here in West River and they outgun and outsmart the conservatives. Anyway, my life circumstances are such that I may be relocating. I know a lot of political experts read this blog. Does anybody know where I can find a list of the most reliable CONSERVATIVE Republican Congressional districts in the U.S.? I am not interested in either coast -- the Midwest or South only, and more rural than urban. I know for example that the 7th District of Missouri fits the bill. Anybody know of others or where I can get a sort of Top 10 list?
Anonymous said…
This is a ridiculous post. There are republicans that have batting averages that are just as bad and introduce poor or self serving legislation as well...i.e. Hanks, Willadsen, and others. They all come with a willingness to contribute to the process. Some are more adept at that than others. Republicans will always to to squash democrat legislation good or bad it's the nature of the process.
Anonymous said…
I lived in OK for 10 years and found the most thoughtful citizen legislators lived there. They were friends to the friendless and let people think and chose for themselves.

They have a board for Direct Entry Midwives and Nurse Midwives may practice independently.
• They believe that families are smart enough to choose what is best for them when birthing their children.

They do not have mandatory preschool or kindergarten. They have very friendly home school laws. Parents may opt their student out of Sex Ed classes and parents are welcome to visit and volunteer at school anytime.
• They believe that families are smart enough to choose what is best for them when educating their children.

South Dakota in many ways is a POLICE STATE! is less so than Minnesota....
Everywhere in America the left has become shrill and loud (wrong - but shrill and loud!)
Anonymous said…
The thing that annoys me the most about this, PP, is that I know you're aware this is a bad way to gauge the effectiveness of legislators in the minority party.
Anonymous said…
anon 10:20

try Texas
Anonymous said…
"People who know me understand that more than anything, I go after stupidity."

You should go after yourself for this stupid post. Commen sense will tell you that legislation brought forth by the minority party members isn't going to do well.

PP, you never have had commen sense and you never will.

Why don't you look at the success of those in the majority party. They must be more stupid if they can't even get the members of their own party to go along with their ideas.
PP said…
Look, I know Democrats don't often get legislation through.

But face reality - it's still a benchmark.

Stupid bills like Hoerth's tan ban, and Jerstad's death penalty repeal would go down regardless of party. I would think being in the minority, some would choose their battles more carefully.

Whether you all like it or not, the MSM and the public will judge legislators on this as they have in the past.

If the roles were reversed, it's not like the Dems would give the R's a pass on it.
Anonymous said…
I'm not sure this is entirely fair. YOu need to look behind the numbers to really see who has performed well as a legislator.

Kloucek is his usual incompetent self - sponsoring more bills and passing fewer than anyone.

Jerstad seems to be gaining a reputation for not having the chops for the job.

Katus seems like a ranting lunatic, with a new conspiracy theory every time I hear him.

But Heidepriem and Turbak seem to have performed rather well. They are smart, competent people. In the minority, they are unlikely to pass much legislation, but they have clearly influenced the process.
Anonymous said…
From 10:20 to 10:42: Thanks for the tip! I traveled in Oklahoma and like it. I especially like the southeastern you know if that is a conservative district?
BP said…
PP, you say,
"If the roles were reversed, it's not like the Dems would give the R's a pass on it."

So your attitude is "Do onto others as you would NOT have them do onto you."

Is it any wonder politics (and blogging) has gotten so dumb and ugly? At times, you've shown better instincts than that.
Anonymous said…
Ok, sometimes you just have to take the cheap shot, right, PP? But don't forget, dude, what goes around, comes around.

Anonymous said…
Let's talk about the biggest "success story" of the Legislature this year -- House Republicans trying to kill the minimum wage and doing the bare minimum for education... 3% what a joke.

House Republcians don't want to invest in kids and they don't want to reward work.

Defend them PP... please I really want to hear it.
Anonymous said…
"If the roles were reversed, it's not like the Dems would give the R's a pass on it."

That admission confirms this thread pure dung.

This one should be filed in the sofa next to hand on weiner.
Patti Martinson said…
The 'left' shrill and loud? I don't think so. My ears are still ringing from the shrieking by Republicans over gay marriage, abortion, minimum wage, the Iraq war. etc.

Methinks the Republican harpies should ratchet their histronics down a notch.

It's getting harder to find a Republican who isn't a banshee anymore.

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