Steve Moore with Club for Growth speaks in Sioux Falls

The South Dakota Chapter of Americans for Prosperity were nice enough to share some information and photos from the roundtable discussion they held this past week with Steve Moore, founder of the conservative organization "Club for Growth"

On Friday Wall Street Journal Editorial Board member and economist Steve Moore spoke at a roundtable and luncheon hosted by AFP in Sioux Falls . AFP is pleased with the success of the event and wants to thank everyone who attended. Over the course of 45 minutes Moore highlighted issues that affect all taxpayers’ pocketbooks.

Mr. Moore spoke to a full room of citizen activists about the importance free markets, smaller government, and restrained spending as the key to success for local, state, and federal government moving into the future. During his speech Moore highlighted out of control federal spending as the reason that Republicans lost the majority in both Congress and the US Senate during the last election.

The infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” in Alaska was sighted as a primary example of this excess. During the End to Earmarks Tour last year, AFP actively worked to raise public awareness last year regarding the problems congressional earmarks present in reigning in wasteful spending.

In Ketchikan , Alaska state highway officials have increased their estimate of the costs of the "Bridge to Nowhere" project by $67 million. The latest estimate is adjusted for future inflation and material costs and puts the entire cost at an astonishing $395 million. To reinforce this point, Moore indicated that it would have been cheaper to buy each resident a Lear jet on the island the “Bridge to Nowhere” connects to the mainland

Moore also said that danger is ahead is ahead for the Republican party if something is not done to restrain spending and begin limiting the role government plays in people’s lives. During the last election in November of 2006 voters were surveyed the night of the election and asked whether they preferred more government services and higher taxes or less government services and lower taxes. The results speak loud and clear. Six of ten voters prefer smaller government and lower taxes.

Moore pointed out that the same ethics and spending scandals that plagued the Democrats in 1994 were assumed by Republicans during the last several years. Democrats won the last election capitalizing on increased spending and scandals.

By pointing out the positive impact of Bush taxes cuts and the correlation of investor earnings on Wall Street , Moore did not spell gloom and doom for all of President Bush’s fiscal policies.

The upcoming presidential primary and tax reform are other important issues that Moore took time to highlight. Moore provided a major role in the creation of the Contract with America in 1994 when Republicans regained control of Congress.

Moore also trumpeted the necessity of maintaining a private healthcare system compared to a universal healthcare system. A question from an audience member regarding healthcare prompted Moore to highlight colon cancer survival rates at 75% in the US under a private healthcare system. That number is juxtaposed next to Canada and the United Kingdom who respectively have 46% and 48% survival rates for patients diagnosed with colon cancer with universal healthcare systems.

(Thanks for the photos, etcetera.) You can find more out about the South Dakota Chapter of AFP here.

And if anyone has politically related gathering stories and photos, don't hesitate to send them to me. Just drop me a note.


Anonymous said…
Hmm... how are your AFP buddies doing legislatively this year? How's their agenda working out?

I think they've been exposed for what they are - a group of libertarian demogogues who don't know their a-hole from their elbow.

Lobbying bill - POOF. Stupid education spending bill - POOF.

These guys are amatures.
Anonymous said…

Is that Isaac Latrell or is he just glad to see s. moore.
Anonymous said…
I thought this was a great event. South Dakota doesn't get speakers like this too often.

Hats off to AFP for bringing Steve Moore.
Anonymous said…
Lower taxes
Opposing Amendment D
Responsible spending are all pretty resonable positions that AFP has tekn. Anon 5:39, you're just ranting.
DakotaDemocrat said…
"Citizen activists"

Good one.

With this group, the only part of government they want smaller is the part that don't pertain to them.

Anything about DM&E from our good friend Mr. Moore?
Anonymous said…
I remember when Steve Moore was last in Sioux Falls at a "secret" meeting to establish a Club for Growth Chapter and develop a plan to take down Tom Daschle. KELO found out about it, showed up, and the participants (including Steve Kirby) snuck out the back door of the Sheraton shielding their faces as if on a perp walk.

I always wondered why they were so afraid to have their picture taken with Moore...
don said…
ano 11:49-"Lower taxes
Opposing Amendment D (sic)"
That's an oxymoron if one was ever uttered. Ha! Ha! I think we know who's ranting.
Anonymous said…
It doesn't matter what conservative speaker comes to South Dakota if Republicans can't support their conservative candidate!

Bruce -
Anonymous said…
Ha! Great to have Bruce Whalen chime in. Never got to say this in person, and haven't really said it since the election, but sorry Bruce, I'm not wasting my money on your candidacy.

For a while, I felt guilty - until I saw your debate with Herseth.

I can't even believe the Whalen camp was calling for more debates with Herseth. Why put yourself through that over and over?

Not only did Whalen come of as campy, but I don't believe I've ever heard anyone so incapable of developing positions and being able to articulate them.

It was an embarassment to Republicans.

So, in the face of a guilt trip by a candidate, I am going to suggest that the conservative in Whalen needs to look inward and adopt some of that personal resposibility that he claims he believes in.

It's your fault you weren't a candidate worth investing in.

It's your fault you allowed the SD GOP to convince you otherwise.
Anonymous said…
4:07 am - said the flaming liberal.

Bruce -

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