What a day...

Just a little weather today as I sit and wait to see if I'm flying over to Brookings tonight, or if I'm stuck in Pierre for the weekend.

I actually got to spend some time over at the Capitol, where I watched the Senate's proceeding today. I was attempting to do so unobtrusively until Senator's Kloucek and Gray took a moment of personal privilege, and welcomed me to the Senate gallery to mild applause, and a couple of boos. (I'll pull the sound clip later). Thanks. I think...

Although, I did catch that during a down moment as a recess was ending, Senator Bartling was reading some of the comments on my website. I complimented her later for her taste in reading.

As noted, the Senate is back tomorrow AM. Whether or not I'll be is contingent upon the weather.


Anonymous said…
Hey Pat, Rural Brookings stinks, the roads are snowed shut. You can not tell the difference from the road from the ditches. But some good famers and my son did some scouping! But then darkness came. My hope is to hit the big Brookings tomorrow!!! House bound is not so fun.
I hear getting around in Brookings is fine. O the city life.
Will have to listen to the Senate my puter was down or should i say the service was down when the wind was blowing a little heavy today.
Have a good one and a safe trip back to Brookings if you can get here.
Anonymous said…
Yeah PP, you wouldn't like Brookings, except for the fact your pregtose wife and six kids live there. Better dump the weekend warrior schtick before Sib-dilly-ding-dong lables you anti.
Anonymous said…
Kloucek and Gray...birds of a feather.
Anonymous said…
Kloucek's a "loser". Just read about his batting average here on PP's pages. Nothing he puts his name on is worth anything.
Anonymous said…
Gee, thanks 8:22!

Anonymous said…
You are welcome.


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