KCCR: Rounds speaks out on Huckabee Endorsement

Tony Mangan over at KCCR has an interview with Governor Rounds on why he's picked Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee over any other Preseidential candidate:
Rounds has endorsed former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee for president. Rounds served with Huckabee in the National Governors Association.

Rounds says the two share similar positions on most issues. They also know about the underdog role – Huckabee is considered a longshot to win the nomination. And Rounds, who was a long shot when he won the Republican gubernatorial nomination in 2002, says Huckabee understands the challenge. Rounds says Huckabee understands that he needs to get out and meet voters face-to-face.

Huckabee is also considered one of the candidates most likely to attract the conservative Republican voters. Rounds says the candidate’s views are similar to those of most South Dakotans.
Read it all here at KCCR News.


Anonymous said…
McCain is losing his luster. Giuliani is WAY to the left of the GOP on social issues. And Mitt Romney is a Mormon with questionable conservative credentials. Say what you want - but it is easy to see how a successful, well-respected, conservative governor could become a contender. The conservatives make up the largest portion of primary voters - they have to vote for somebody. And four of our last five presidents have been govenrors - not senators.
Anonymous said…
Huckabee can't be that conservative if Rounds is the only fellow governor endorsing him. Rounds' conservative credentials are certainly not stellar.

McCain's cherping over the past eight years has really irritated me. Thune should have held out for someone with a little more credibility.

Frankly, I'm wondering if the GOP has any chance of winning with the slate of announced candidates. Our only hope may be that Hillary wins the democrat primary.

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