Sorry for the light blogging last night. I just flew in, and did that subsidy get a workout.

If you didn't notice, I'm a bit off my pattern this weekend.

When it comes to my blogging, I usually take Saturday off, and then hit it on Sunday night after I get back to Pierre from Brookings. So, why nothing until now? Unlike other times, this weekend I took the plane.

"Plane?" It's not as expensive as you might think. At $29 each way on Great Lakes between Pierre and Brookings, why wouldn't I? In my full size GMC pickup, I can hardly drive it for that. In fact, with gas going up at the moment, it's at least $10 cheaper each way. So I might as well enjoy the 2 hours cut off on my travel, despite the fact I hate flying..

It's not a heavily traveled flight, as evidenced by my back and forth travel consisting of 4 passengers each way including myself. (Eric Erickson of the SDACO joined me on the flight over, and on the way back, Pam Homan & Todd Vik of the Sioux Falls School District drove up from Sioux Falls to grab the flight back).

At about $120 of income per flight, I'm resigned to enjoy it while it lasts. Because this flight has to be subsidized to the max. Between fuel, 2 pilots and the plane itself, I don't even want to think how much they lost to put me up in the air.


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