Aaaarrrgghhh!! Stuck in Pierre.

I guess I'll be doing some blogging this weekend after all. I'm stuck in Pierre.

It's been a "maybe I'm going/maybe I'm not" day, and when it came down to brass tacks, the plane can't land in Brookings, due to ice and crosswinds. And the next flight is about 3:30-4 pm tomorrow.

This is a big disappointment. Not just a "oh, gosh" thing, but a "#$%%^&*((*&^%$$#@" thing.

As much as I enjoy politics, I'd much rather see the wife and kids. And I actually think they wouldn't mind seeing me. They've been stuck inside for half the week due to the weather, and I'd love to give my wife a break. She works hard enough, and doesn't need a weekend where she can't tag off to me.

But it's not going to happen today. So, we soldier on.


Anonymous said…
Join the club.
Anonymous said…
You must be really blogging up a doozie, or else putting together a blow-by-blow article about all the education conference committee behind-the-scenes dealing and wheeling from Saturday. I look forward to a torrent of blogging to be unleashed...

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