Quote of the week

"Quite frankly, some of these bills in the legislature are a waste of time. Now tanning could be prohibited? These are all personal choices. What's next, written consent to jump on a trampoline in your own backyard?"

- Watertown Businessman Doug Sharp at the 2/24 Watertown Cracker barrell


Anonymous said…
Way to go Doug. For the most part this year is a BIG Disappointment.
nonnie said…
Actually, if you live in some certain developments with home owners assocaitions, I found out that you can't have a trampoline in your backyard, even if fenced in, even if you have liability insurance. This was in Kansas City; don't know about SD.

Glad I live in the country!

Actually, the legislature should be made to address the major issues first. IF they have time afterwards, then get to the silly bills. They are doing their work backwards.
Dustin Gawrylow said…
Having a trampoline in your back yard can void your homeowners' insurance in many states.
Anonymous said…
ON the Trampoline issue. Yes, they can be dangerous BUT, to many people are SUE HAPPY!
They want to live off the backs of other people....
Patti Martinson said…
Too bad the 'nanny' state failed to pass bills that would take women's decisions away from them.

No insurance company wants to insure people who make their own choices about pit bulls, trampolines, stairs without rails, etc.

Something I hear that Republicans' favor, people making their own choices.
Anonymous said…
Doug: Quit giving Rounds new ideas for his 2010 initiative.
Anonymous said…
As a woman I would like SD and well as America to decrease abortions!!!!!
I already know my tax dollars are used from them and i don't like it!
It isn't right to use it for birth control. I also believe that this is off topic...

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