From last week's Capitol Journal
Unclaimed Property Deja Vu

This one was in the Capitol Journal about a week ago.

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Yes, you are reading that the State of South Dakota has unclaimed property that it's holding for.... itself.

I'm kind of confused on this one. Does someone from the first floor need to go up to the second floor to claim it. Or should someone from the second floor go to the first floor and say 'we have it.' And does the state have to fill out a form to claim it's own money?

Yes, check the list. Because as the ad says - "the state may have some of your money." Possibly, even it's own.


Nicholas Nemec said…
The Argus Leader ran several pages of these ads and it looked to me that there were alot of property holders that should have been very easy to track down.

It is obviously the job of the State Treasurer to find the rightful owners of any unclaimed property. To sit back and expect the owners to come and check the list is not the way the system is supposed to work.
Anonymous said…
How embarrassing....
Government at its finest. How about using the internet to try to find these people? It is really not that hard. Who has time to read the small print anyways? We should be able to do better- it is 2007 not 1907...
Anonymous said…
They dont want to find you,,,they keep the interest on the money,,,,,
Anonymous said…
I think this is more proof that State Government is too large. Oh lets go buy another building so we can get even larger. Consevative Republicans? Spend Spend Spend!

Wake up or you will be watching Democrats that will say they will cut spending!
Anonymous said…
Check out the first 2 names on the list.Is that our former US Senator, Jim Abdnor??

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