Quotes of the day

"I came this close to dying. It scared the bejeebers out of me."
- State Senator Gene Abdallah, in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader

"I'd like the body to appreciate that I've switched my position on this."
- State Senator Ed Olson

"You talk about faith? You just closed Faith School."
- State Senator Ryan Maher

"Sometimes legislators positions on issues are not accurately reflected on other sites or media pieces. Of course, the best bet is just to call me and ask how I voted and why."
- State Representative Kristi Noem (March 1 Legislative column)


DakotaDem said…
"the best bet is just to call me and ask how I voted and why....

"Because that's the best way I can tell you what I think you want to hear."

"Tee hee. Math is hard."
Anonymous said…
Had Gene been drinking when he had his mishap? Give Kristi a break! Give me her phone #,I'd love to call her!
pdq said…
Which one said that?

Was that the Malibu Kristi Noem, or the Stewardess Kristi Noem.
Anonymous said…
Gene should stop in at the Longbranch and try and forget the whole thing.
Anonymous said…
3:29, get it right. Abby's favoite watering hole is Bob's. Thats where he does his best thinkiing after a dozen drinks or so. I've always wondered how he is able to sober up enough to drive home after an evening like that, I quess the answer lies with the courageous men in blue of the Pierre PD. Or maybe they don't want to jeopardize their invites to the game fee. Na, that can't be it.

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