Dave Kranz: For Daugaard, the race is on

Dave Kranz has an article in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader this morning on what Lt. Governor Daugaard is doing to step up his efforts in running for Governor in 2010:
He makes it clear that this is not a "testing the waters" situation.

"I'm definitely planning to run. I was not planning to really get organized or do much this year until I heard other folks are starting to be active, organize and plan," Daugaard said. "So we had a family meeting. Everyone was supportive. It would mean some sacrifice for family, and I would be sensitive to the Board of Directors of Children's Home Society and the Children's Home Foundation," he said.


He is now on the political rubber chicken circuit, attending the Lincoln Day dinners. And who do Republicans often get to hear from at these events? Not Gov. Rounds. If not Sen. John Thune, it's generally Daugaard who speaks.

Mel Olson, past state senator and representative from Mitchell, might not support Daugaard in a general election, but he thinks Republicans would be smart to nominate the lieutenant governor.

"If they (Republicans) have any brains at all, they will nominate Dennis Daugaard. Good-looking, moderate guy, strong record as lieutenant governor," Olson said.
Read it all here. And I think you're safe. I don't think Mel gushes anymore in the article on what a handsome man Dennis is.

I'm not sure about all the attention being given to the 2010 Gubernatorial race. Yes, I know what you're going to say. I print it as well. But not because I think it's necessary. It's because I chronicle the political travails and happenings of the day - not because I feel I need to force the issue.

It's good that Dennis is getting out there, and running for Governor is a long process. But.....

If it's escaping anyone's notice, we're paying far too much attention to the 2010 Governor's race, as if we can't wait to shove the Republican who's in there right now out the door. The last I knew, Governor Rounds has about 3 1/2 years left in his term. And it's about 3 years until that primary election.

So, stop it. Just stop it now. We need to re-focus.

Instead of spending so much time worrying about who's running in 2010, we should refocus about who's running in 2008 (you know, about 1 year from now). In 2008, there are 3 races - and two of them are held by Democratic incumbents.

The good news is we have interested candidates. Several people are exploring the contests, including Joel Dykstra who is considering that Senate race. One of my friends, Larry Russell is noted by his presence at some of the Lincoln Day events, and is possibly considering a congressional run. And others as well are poking their heads out of the sand to test the waters. As noted, I've even heard of one candidate of the 800 pound type who might be interested in the Senate.

Yes, the 2010 race is fun to speculate about, and Dennis is a good guy. But don't lose focus.

We still have a Republican Governor for a while. And it's about the next election first.


nicholas Nemec said…
"800 pound type" senate candidate? I'll assume that you're using a metaphor. Other than Rounds who would the GOP have that would be in the "800 pound" category?
Anonymous said…
So PP finally acknowledges that the republicans have their heads in the sand.
Anonymous said…
Ted Klaudt?

But can he "run" from prison?
Anonymous said…
I don't think Schumaker will make it through the primary.
Anonymous said…
8:33 Or maybe under their desks, in fetal position, sucking their thumbs. The halcyon days have all flown by. Now they're going to have to learn to make nice.
Anonymous said…
Whenever I hear Daugaard's name, I have to stop for a second and try to remember who he is. I rarely hear much out of him, so I think he has a lot of work ahead if he wants to get noticed. Just being the Lt. Governor isn't going to cut it.

And PP said: "If it's escaping anyone's notice, we're paying far too much attention to the 2010 Governor's race, as if we can't wait to shove the Republican who's in there right now out the door."

Well if he would stop screwing over education, maybe it wouldn't happen. The teachers I know can't stand him.
scimitar said…
Daugaard for governor?

Would the voters like some skim milk with their wonderbread?

"If I cover one eye when I read my nameplate it says Governor Daugaard"

Golly gee
Anonymous said…
Oops, I forgot to add this to my comment:

"800 pound type" senate candidate?

Ted Klaudt?

But can he "run" from prison?
Anonymous said…
2:13 you're repeating yourself. you're repeating yourself.
Anonymous said…
If Dennis gets elected, that means his son-in-law Tonnis will be looking for some plum job no doubt. Dennis/Tonnis - what a clever team!

Let nepotism reign
Anonymous said…
Are you trying to say that the "student regent for life" might get at least another 8 years on the panel?
Anonymous said…
Sounds like Tonnis will be replacing Tad Perry running the board of regents, based on his "student regent for life" experience.
PP said…
Jeez guys. What's with the Dennis hate?

You're picking on someone who raises money to help kids with emotional and behavioral problems.
Anonymous said…
PP --

You're right about the excessive Daugaard hate. These anonymous writers must be other candidates for Governor in 2010.

They haven't realized that if Rounds runs for Senate in 2008, then there's a good chance, a very good chance, that Daugaard will already be Governor in 2010.
Anonymous said…

I was Anon 10:43 AM and I mentioned not hearing much from Dennis. I had no idea that he raises money for kids like that. That's a very good thing and something we need to see more from him. It would definately get me to pay more attention to him.
Anonymous said…
I don't think Schumaker is in the primary.
Anonymous said…
Where's the hate PP is talking about? Nobody expressed any hate for the guy as far as I can tell - just a bit of snark.

I hate people who read stuff into comments that isn't there.
Anonymous said…
Who is Schumaker?
Anonymous said…
I can't wait for Daugaard to take Rounds' seat. How is Daugaard a moderate?
Anonymous said…
Schoenbeck brings the energy.
Anonymous said…
Nice post Lee, I mean "Anon" 12:06.

Dennis won't be picking Lee, no matter how much Lee anonymously posts. Remember, an atom bomb creates energy, but I wouldn't recommend using it to blow the leaves off your yard.

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