Another out of stater gets the BS Meter buzzing again

Check out this article by Parker Knox in the Custer County Chronicle:
Park name change gets little support
By: PARKER KNOX 03/02/2006

If there is a groundswell of support for renaming Custer State Park, it wasn't apparent during the 2006 session of the South Dakota Legislature.

Prior to visiting the Capitol in Pierre during the session, Mike Graham, founder of Oklahoma-based United Native America, had said South Dakotans "and people around the world are calling on the South Dakota government to rename Custer State Park to Chief Crazy Horse State Park." Graham had made a similar suggestion prior to the 2005 session but had no success in getting such a measure introduced.

"It is inconceivable that a state government today would use its tax dollars to honor Custer with a state park in his name," Graham said.

He and his wife were in Pierre on Jan. 18, which was Native America Day at the Capitol. He said in a news release after his visit that "senior Republicans again refused to allow a bill" calling for the park's name change. According to Graham, another bill requiring Indian tribal history to be taught in all public schools in the state "fell on deaf ears."
Read it all here if you can stomach it. What a crock of BS.

Now, I'm certainly not going to deny the plight of Native Americans residing on tribal reservations in South Dakota. (IMHO) The "altruism" of the Federal Government hasn't served South Dakota's tribes well at all, and any solution is going to have to come from tribes being given the tools with which to empower themselves.

Personally, I'd rather see them use something other than the short term benefits of gaming to build their infrastructure. Not because I'm a puritan, but I don't see it as sustainable growth. I will concede it's better than nothing at the moment, but I think better solutions are needed.

But regardless of your position, what galls me is that - here is some dude from out of state coming in and stating "senior Republicans again refused to allow a bill calling for the park's name change." That's crap, and it borders on race-baiting.

Republicans refused to allow? Last I knew, anyone regardless of party is more than free to introduce legislation. Republican or Democrat - any and all South Dakota legislators are free to introduce legislation without the permission of legislative leaders.

For gosh sakes, if that statement were remotely true, there would be a lot of crap that would never see the light of day. If Republican leaders could bar legislation from being introduced, we still wouldn't have a state dirt or a state dessert. As well as some good ideas that would never be discussed.

But Government 101 is probably immaterial to Mike Graham's arguments.

Is this a serious effort to change the name of Custer State park to Crazy Horse State Park? I say no. In the more than a year that he's had his on-line petition out, he's gathered fewer than 1000 signatures. I'm sure there are more than that number of people in Custer County who would vote the other way. And at least they live in South Dakota.

His whole point seems to be coming in to South Dakota, trash-talking Republicans, getting a days' attention and getting out.

My opinion? He's not promoting solutions to the economic development needs of Native Americans. He's coming in and trying to grab attention for himself. Period. And who does that serve? Nobody but Mike Graham.


Nicholas Nemec said…
Calm down PP. Save your ire and energy for issues that might actually be issues. High blood pressure can be a silent killer. We don't want you to go the way of Kirby Puckett.

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