New Old Candidate in District 22

Quinten Burg has announced in his local papers that he's running for the legislature again, this time for the District 22 House seat being vacated by fellow Democrat Pat Haley.

Burg had previously spent 6 years in the House from 1999 to 2004, and served as Assistant Minority Leader from 2001-2004.

Speaking of new old candidates, Democratic Blogger Theron McChesney is cheering on Republican Carpetbagger and former Turner County Legislator Jim Holbeck over at SD Progressive. Jim decided to take on Brock Greenfield for the Senate in the primary after he had previously announced for the House.

Glad we Republicans know who the Dems want.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for letting us know this interesting tid-bit! We all know the democrats and mainstreamers want rid of a thoughtful, compassionate, conservative.
Bob J said…
How much is Steve Hildebrand paying Theron McChesney to trash conservatives on his blog?? DIG INTO IT PP!
Sid said…
If McChesney/Hildebrand is for Holbeck he must be bad. GO BROCK

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