Jarrod Johnson Addresses the Hughes Co GOP.


The GOP Candidate for the Office of School and Public Lands is going to address the Hughes County Republicans this next week. Check it out here:

Contact: Chad Heinrich, 280-0053

Candidate for Commissioner of School & Public Lands
to Speak in Pierre

PIERRE--Jarrod Johnson, Republican candidate for Commissioner of School & Public Lands, will speak at this month's Hughes County Repubican Monthly Meeting at noon on Tuesday, March 14 at the Ramkota in Pierre.

"We are delighted to have Jarrod Johnson join our meeting and share his vision.", said Chad Heinrich, Hughes County Party Chairman.

For more information on the Hughes County Republican Party and to link to Jarrod Johnson's campaign website go to: www.hgop.com

(Chad - thanks for the release - pp)


Anonymous said…
Anyone will be an improvement over the secretive ways of Bryce Healy. He scorns open government, and places himself above his office and above his party. I don't know Jarrod, but from what I've read, he's got the potential to turn this corrupt office to again be responsive to the people and to our schoolkids.
Anonymous said…
Apparently the democrats are joining into the secretive and unopen government that the GOP is indulging in. Is that really true?
Anonymous said…
The lack of open government is a bipartisan problem in Pierre. Certainly the GOP is far more guilty than the Dems as a whole, but if you look at the history of the School and Public Lands office, it has been shrouded in secrecy by Bryce Healy. He is doing secret land transfers with State Game and Fish and won't even let the PUC or legislators sit in on his meetings. There are a bunch of Republicans in Pierre that need to be retired, but Bryce Healy is a Democrat that is nothing but trouble for the future of the Democratic party.
Anonymous said…
Bob, is that you?

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