Do you have to use a Kryptonite ballot to stop them?

In an AP article in yesterday's Aberdeen American News and today's Rapid City Journal, Governor Rounds laments the SDPB cuts, and the small group of super-beings controlling the appropriations process:
Gov. Mike Rounds said it was wrong for a small group of legislators to cut $500,000 from the South Dakota Public Broadcasting budget without public discussion last week. Rounds won’t say whether he will try to get the money restored during the session’s last day on March 20. He said his office will see what public broadcasting programs and services will be hurt by the cut.

The Legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee cut the funding as it was finalizing the state budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

The governor said he is disappointed that the Legislature allowed the committee to “get away with that particular activity.”

“They cannot let a small group of legislators dictate to them that their word is the final word on the appropriations process,” Rounds said.


“I think that will drive the Legislature to probably stand up to a small group of legislators who consider themselves, in many cases, to be ‘super-legislators’, and I think this might draw to a head.”
(Read it all here) As a comic book collector since I was a kid, I love the "Super-Legislator" term.

Thanks for tuning in - in our next episode: Will the other legislators rise up and overthrow the powerful beings that control the appropriations process? Will the Super-Legislators use their mind numbing "tedium-vision" to drive other legislators back from the hours of appropriations meetings?

Check in on the last legislative day - same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.


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