How'd you like to run this gauntlet?

I had a note on this topic waiting for me when I got home from work tonight. A friend and reader wanted to make sure I was aware of all of this. Just like Godzilla versus Mothra, two big groups on either side of the Abortion Issue are planning on showing their spirit tomorrow in Sioux Falls. First the Pro-Life Group:
(Note the event Thursday, March 9 from 12:00-1:00 PM at the Federal Court House on Phillips Ave to thank Gov. Rounds for signing the abortion bill. )

I received a telemarketer style phone call yesterday letting me know about this event in Sioux Falls. Planned Parenthood would like folks to rally on the steps of the Federal Courthouse on Philips Ave. on Thursday, March 9 from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm to show their opposition to the bill that Gov. Rounds just signed.

Since we do not have a permit, we cannot formally organize something to counter this. But anyone can show up and stand on the sidewalk across the street to show their support for this new legislation! If everyone shows up independently of each other and we behave, no blocking sidewalk traffic, no shouting or waving signs at traffic, no loud disruptions, the police will usually let us be. But we MUST behave!!!

Let's try to have double the number of supporters for this bill than Planned Parenthood has to protest it.

If you cannot attend, please pass this on to anyone who supports Life! We don't have the money that Planned Parenthood has, but we have a lot more heart!

Susan Pulizzi
VERSUS their arch nemesis, Planned Parenthood...

TO: All Planned Parenthood Activists!

Planned Parenthood's new national president, Cecile Richard ( Gov. Ann Richards' daughter) has just put out a call for a "Day of Solidarity with the women of South Dakota" -- and is asking each affiliate around the country to rally at noon on Thursday, March 9, at the nearest Federal Courthouse. PLEASE JOIN US. As you know, South Dakota has just passed a ban on ALL abortions and the Governor is about to sign it. Other states are beginning to follow suit!!!! WE MUST SPEAK OUT.

What: Rally for the Women of South Dakota!!!
When: Thursday, March 9, at the corner of 301 (Washington Blvd.) and Ringling Boulevard (near the federal courthouse)
Bring: Planned Parenthood will supply signs and stickers, but make your own if you want!!!
Why: Here below is Cecile's "Call to Action:"

"We don't have to tell any of you what a devastating week it has been for reproductive rights in this country. Last week the South Dakota legislature voted to ban abortion in that state. This ban is an attack on women's fundamental right of privacy and their ability to make the most intimate and personal choice about when and whether to have a child. PPFA will fight the ban in court to protect Planned Parenthood patients but we need affiliates across the country to join us in our efforts.

What you can do to help South Dakota -

* Join us on Thursday, March 9th for a National Day of Solidarity - We encourage affiliates across the country to hold rallies and visibility events at your federal courthouse at the noon hour. The message is simple: "We Stand With the Women Of South Dakota!"
Somehow, I think I'm going to avoid the Federal Courthouse in Sioux Falls Tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
Pro-lifers don't have money? On what planet?
nonnie said…
If I lived in SF, I'd be on the pro-life side. Anything the ACLU is for generally is something I'm against. Although I wish rape and incest were written into the law, I still support this law instead of what we have now.

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