The Libertarians Speak

Or they at least have a candidate. The first Libertarian candidate of the year has filed petitions, and it's in the District 19 House Race.

Libertarian Alexander Martin of Scotland has filed his petitions with requisite number of signatures with the Secretary of State's office. (Was that one or two signatures he needed for that one?)

In 2002, Alex was the Libertarian Candidate for the Secretary of State, as evidenced by his webpage here. At least back then, Alex was the owner of a web design company.

Alex, good luck and welcome (back) to election season.


Now, before anyone gets their underwear in a bunch, I'm not picking on the LIBS for their small signature requirements. As you can see from their website here, it's their own marketing tool. Frankly, while the SDGOP is my home, I think it's a clever way to get candidates to go on the ballot.


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