Is there a CUGR prowling around again? Quick. Somebody Shoot it!

Yeah, a Video Lottery initiative petition is being circulated in an effort to put it on the ballot. Again. *YAWN*

While CUGR's fingerprints haven't popped up in conjunction with this measure just yet, I'm sure it will at some point. The only person connected with it at the moment is a Daniel Brendtro of Lennox.

The only reference I can find for Mr. Brendtro on the internet is a race he ran for Lincoln County Commission in 2004 where he ran as an independent, and his being named on the 2003 USD Deans List. I do see a reference for a Daniel Brendtro at

The bottom line? It's out there. If you want to see the measure, I'd direct you to the Secretary of State's website where you can view the PDF of the measure.


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