A “Slim Jim” shouldn’t try to take a bite out of a “Big Brock.” It’s flat out more than he can chew.

With two posts to his credit, it seems like I’m a paid shill for Senator Greenfield today. But, unfortunately, no. He was both in the news this weekend, and in the rumor mill.

The prior post you read was what was in the newspaper. But what I heard through the grapevine is equally as good (and maybe a bit better). What I have heard from no fewer than three (3) sources over the weekend was that Brock is going to face a primary against Clark School Superintendent Jim Holbeck.

You might be asking “Wasn’t Holbeck running for the House?” Well, yes. Supposedly. At least that’s what all the newspapers said when they printed his release. But now I’m hearing that he’s going to forego the House race and take on the big man himself.

As I’m told, the story is that (supposedly) Holbeck went to Representative Nelson and informed him that he was going to take on Brock instead because he didn’t want to knock him (Nelson) out.

If the grapevine is true, I’m thinking it’s more of a case that Holbeck didn’t want to get smoked by a newcomer. But whether it’s out of altruism for Nelson, or fear of getting beat by the others in the house primary, either way, it’s bad thinking on Holbeck’s part. Because I predict he is going to get his butt kicked.

I've said time and again that Brock has taken on some tough competitors in that legislative District. First, as a kid fresh out of college he took on sitting Representative Doug Kazmerzak for the Senate and beat him. Not two years later, he was re-districted into a legislative district with Senator Charlie Flowers - arguably the most well liked Democrat (among Republicans) in the legislature. And he beat him too. Both better funded and tough competitors. And they lost.

This last election was relatively simple, but it meant that the people he represents got to vote for him a third time.

So now, instead making a run at an open seat, Clark Superintendent Jim Holbeck thinks a run at a 3-time winner is a better gamble? Holbeck thinks that the Clark County constituency which is at the heart of Brock's voter base is going to roll over and shun a home-town boy incumbent for someone who has resided in the district for fewer than 5 years? Even Holbeck's 2 year legislative record in the House from Turner County is going to pale against Brock's 6 year record in the Senate.

And all of that is ignoring the fact that Brock is a campaigning machine. Seemingly, he doesn't eat or sleep. He just drives from town to town and campaigns.

If it is true that Holbeck is jumping ship from the house race, I don't think his vision of glory is going to pan out. I think he's going to be frustrated while his opponent sails to victory once again.

While there's no doubt Holbeck is an educated man, if he thinks he can take on Brock and win an easy race, clearly his political education has been lacking.


I had a call tonight. It's officially on. Apparently at the Kingsbury County GOP Meeting tonight, Jim Holbeck announced that "he's been encouraged by people within and from outside the district to run for the Senate" against Brock.

And it's also safe to say that Brock is already fired up for the challenge.

Like I said. Holbeck's political education is lacking if he thinks this is going to be an easy one.


Anonymous said…
You're right - you do sound like a paid shill.
Anonymous said…
I agree with that comment. I also think that a. beating two gerrymandered democrats, albeit incumbents, isn't much of a mandate. Finally, what record does he have for his district? I can't think of one thing he's done for anyone who doesn't own a gas station on the east edge of Clark...
PP said…
At the least, Kazmerzak was not "gerrymandered". And in neither race was he a shoe-in. These were both tough campaigns - as tough and competitive as I've seen in my 18 years of involvement in SD races.
Anonymous said…
I hope that "Slim Jim" announces whom is supporting him outside his district... Any guesses?
Anonymous said…
I know them both well, and Holbeck is no "Slim Jim", and rarely Greenfield "doesn't eat".But seriously, Brock has an outstanding conservative voting record, and the good people of Dist 6 would be wise to leave him in there.
Anonymous said…
I can't imagine the voters of the district electing a carpetbagger who should working his public job rather than attempting to be gone during the two of the months he should and must be working.
mjb said…
Wasn't he a finalist for the West S.F. School District as their supt. last Feb.?
Bob Newland said…
With God's help, someone will whip Greenknee.
Anonymous said…
Actually the voters of that district might prefer someone who has a job, or someone who has a job with an office in the district...
Anonymous said…
The point is the guy is on the public dole ostensibly doing a job that requires a full-time superientendent for 9 months of the year. So, this guy has a "full time" public job. He wants to take off two of the nine months which are the most important for his students. School teachers, principals and superintendents should have to work at least nine months out of the year, shouldn't they?
mjb said…
Anon #6 -

Brock substitutes during the week in the district, coaches, teaches at sunday school, and works a family business in the district on the weekends.

In his personal life, he's probably the hardest working, and the lowest paid of all the legislators.

Contrast that with his opponent who, when he was in the legislature before, was canned from his supt. job in Parker, moved to Clark, and served the rest of his term living in a district that he didn't represent.

Brock works for an organization which involves significant statewide travel. And it just happens to have it's office in Pierre.

Anyone with two eyes can see he spends more time living and working in his district than he doesn't.

And it's certainly more than his opponent spent in Parker during his second year in the legislature.

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