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Over on Mt Blogmore, there's been a pretty good thread going at

Of course, since it's on abortion, the arguments are getting pretty heated. But in looking under comments, there was something that was a bit unusual and out of character for even a politician. Under comment #91, someone writing as "Sen. Stan" makes a point of absolutely trash-talking his opponent in the anticipated upcoming primary:
.... hence a candidate for Senate in my primary who never had a real job, never wore a uniform, never hired (or fired) anyone, never participated in any community leadership, has nothing at stake in our town!
Wow. If this is actually "Sen. Stan" a.k.a. Senator Adelstein, this is a departure. Aside from it being a lot of garbage, for someone who tries to portray himself as a moderate voice of reason, here's another example of him being just another trash talkin' politician seeming... well, seeming a little desperate.

Another example? Check out my sound clip from Stan's academy award quality performance from the interim Task Force to Study Abortion. I blogged on it here.

This race is going to continue to get heated - especially if the Senator is deciding to bring the trash out on to the sidewalk and start throwing it. And if he's throwing trash, you know he's running low on other forms of ammunition.


mjb said…
So, the gospel according to Stan is that abortion is ok.

But decide to be a stay at home mom and you are forever barred from being considered a leader and you have nothing to contribute.

What a progressive guy.

Sounds like a '60's liberal. 1860's, that is.
Anonymous said…
Okay, so what qualifies Schwiesow to win the Senate seat? Is he incorrect? Does she have relevant work experience, volunteer experience, military experience...?

Or is it just that she's anti-abortion and not Jewish? Seems to me like that's what qualifies her in lots of people's minds.
Anonymous said…
Very few individuals inheret a business and a fortune which allows them to employ, fire, volunteer, etc. Yes, he may have experience, but it sure hasn't taught him any lessons about being humble or doing things for the right reason. He's simply a little rich boy who will try any Macivellian trick, and when they fail, he'll takes his toys (money) and go home. Wait and see. Come June, Stan will no longer "volunteer" his assistance and money (sole reason he has any influence) for the GOP.
Anonymous said…
Being a legislator is about representing the people. Do stay-at-home mothers not deserve a voice in the legislature? The business world has plenty of voices. As a working woman I am certain that raising children is as difficult as several other "real jobs". Good for Scwiesow for being ambitious enough to challenge Senator Adelstein again. Shame on "Sen. Stan" whether is the real Senator or not.
PP said…
I think the last anonymous touches on the real point. Anyone can go on a blog and claim to be anyone else. This smells like a dirty trick to me. I don’t believe that was actually Sen. Stan.

Oh yeah…I hate babies and old people.

And I’m not the real PP
PP said…
I'm not so sure in this instance. Mt. Blogmore requires you use your real e-mail. While they don't publish it, they use it to keep people somewhat honest.

And pp, clearly you're not me. With six kids, I must think babies are somewhat ok.
Anonymous said…
Ok so it was a bad joke. But you get the point.
PP said…
I wasn't biting your tail. I was joking as well.
Douglas said…
I find it somewhat amusing that you find those comments by Adelstein..if they are his dreadful for use in a prospective primary.

That kind of campaisn has been the standard fodder of nearly every Republican general candidate in SD for years...and for more than a few Democrats as well.

They could win on their sole qualification of having been a veteran or perhaps the widow of a veteran or the spouse of a disabled veteran.

It has always seemed to me that it was a bit like saying only cancer victims should be allowed to run for office.

Anyway, how about a more gneral discussion on the qualities and qualifications that make a good candidate and how those may be the same or different than the qualiifications for being a good office holder.
Anonymous said…
I was anon #2...

So, in other words, his criticism of her was not incorrect. She does not have work experience, community volunteer experience, or military experience.
Anonymous said…
Actually, Elli has loads of community volunteer experience. I personally know that she's volunteered through church, political and community organizations.

Certainly her statewide leadership positions in Republican Women and the State GOP aren't chopped liver.

And I'd defy you to say in a room full of women that being "a stay at home mom" isn't "work"
Anonymous said…
Since when is volunteering at the Crisis Pregnancy Center, helping raise and educate a student from Africa (at SDSMT), church work and political work not community involvement??? Stan Ad. should stop and think before he critizes someone who has not 'bought' their way into the Legislature...and we hear he is now 'buying' candidates to run against other Senators in Rapid...Elli Schweisow gets my vote!
Anonymous said…
(Anon 2...)

I don't know a thing about the woman - I was asking because I don't know her. It took an awful long time to get an answer out of anyone about what she does, though. Which seems to indicate to me that her personal beliefs (i.e., anti-abortion, not Jewish) are maybe more important to many of you than her qualifications.
Anonymous said…
Her religion has nothing to do with it. (Why do YOU keep bringing it up)

Elli is a conservative. Stan is a flaming liberal who can't win without spending 100k+ on his election.

That's good enough for me.
Anonymous said…
So, her qualification for winning this race is that she's anti-abortion. That's all I wanted to know!
mjb said…
Conservative versus liberal has much more depth than one issue.

If you're only going to stick one toe in to check the water, you're not going to explore it with much depth.

Clearly, you're as single issue as you're accusing her of being.
Anonymous said…
Only in the South Dakota Legislature is Stan Adelstein a 'liberal' or anything even nearing a liberal.
PP said…
Okay. I'm only going to say this once. Knock it off. And I'm referring to the people on my side of the aisle.

Unless you are going to e-mail to me, for prior approval, unimpeachable evidence that Kate Looby is an adulterer, quit posting anonymous statements to that affect.

Because for the 5th time - I'll be forced to delete them.

Last I knew, (Per her statement) she's not married anymore. So get off of her ass and quit putting me in a position of defending her. Because I disagree with her politics completely.

Enough said.
mjb said…
Anon - only in SD would stan the libertine not have been thrown out of the GOP caucus.

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