Like Todd Epp, I too have changed my voter registration.

I saw Todd Epp's example and I just couldn't live with myself anymore. As you can see by this snippet from his blog, Todd decided to realign his politics with those of the SDDP.:

I made the drive to Canton today and changed my voter registration back from Independent to Democrat....


The only hope of changing the situation in our state is through the state and local Democratic Parties. And believe me, I know how screwed up they are.
And following his example, I had to change my voter registration myself. No more stifiling under the yoke of oppressive policies. No more standing around in the back of rooms taking a lot of crap. NO MORE!! So I went and did something I've been thinking about doing for a long time. I went and changed my voter registration.

Actually, it wasn't quite that severe. I just mailed in my change in voter registration so I could be registered where I own a home, over in Brookings. And I proudly put "Republican" on my voter registration card when I mailed it.

(What did you think I was going to do, change parties? Please.)


Anonymous said…
Yep, Epp made the drive to Canton, wasting precious fossil fuel. PP just dropped it in the mail.
Todd Epp said…
I also had other business with the county auditor in Canton that I had to do in person. So, I'm forbidden from even visiting my own county seat? You Republicans are taking this closed government thing to new extremes.
PP said…
Settle down guys. I would have driven too, but it's 200 miles, and I usually am not in Brookings during business hours.

I prefer doing this stuff in person, because the courthouse people ar ethe ones who often have a scoop.
Nicholas Nemec said…
Those mail in registration cards come in handy don't they PP.
PP said…
So Nick - I meant to ask you, are you running?
Douglas said…
"Yep, Epp made the drive to Canton, wasting precious fossil fuel. PP just dropped it in the mail."

Hey, send a letter to the White HOuse.
George Bush, too stupid to send in an abstentee ballot, hopped into Airforce One with Laura at probably a million bucks cost to the taxpayers to vote in Texas primary. I don't know if he and wife also went to a local football or basketball game however.
Anonymous said…
Todd, lighten up.
douglas, are you sure you want to go there. Do you remember when ALL the arrival air traffic at LAX had to go into a holding pattern and ALL the departures were forced to sit on the runway for over an hour while clinton had his hair cut on air force one?? LOL ..a snippa-snippa here, a snippa-snippa should be consistent about your concern for wasted taxpayer dollars ..hahaha
Douglas said…
Anonymous on the haircut, maybe you want to check the "facts" about that one. Seems to my vague memory that there was a might bit of press exaggeration helped along by the GOP mighty Wurlitizer spreading lies like it did about "Gore's lies" later.

Whatever, we ought to be raising hell about boondoggle airplane trips whether they were by Clinton,or are by Bush, or Rounds.
Nicholas Nemec said…
I attended the McGovern Day Dinner this weekend and I'll tell you what I've told everyone else. If no other viable candidate stepped forward I would run in order to point out the glaring inconsistencies and stupid, sometimes shortsighted, policies of of Mike Rounds. However, I support Jack Billion for Governor. We served together in the House and I've always respected his abilities and dedication. I'm carring his petition, care to sign?
Anonymous said…
douglas, Yes,it did happened. "press exaggeration?" Yes, your right. We know "getting a haircut" wasn't what was really going on on AF1. No fooling us.

I'm glad to see you are consistent. Rounds abused the use of the state plane. Probably just wanted to fly something nicer than his own plane. Reimbusment after it was found out? not good. We should raise a stink. We're curculating a petition about it.

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