Rep. Cutler in the news discussing cult activity in SD

With polygamists being a hot feature in the news this weekend, KELO is out talking to people who used to be involved in cults. One former victim is State Representative Joni Cutler, who is in the news today at discussing the end-time ministries:
Once End Time member Joni Cutler is now a South Dakota lawmaker. It's a journey that's taken years, and she says when she heard the news of a polygamist sect in South Dakota...her heart went out to the women involved because her membership in end time ministries took away something she can never get back.


In late 1980s, End Time Ministries thrived in Sioux Falls. Cutler came to the church shortly after getting married. She says it was almost like she was brainwashed as she spent 13 years strictly following her leaders orders.

She says they told her, " how high the heels on my shoes could curly my hair could be."

But when she saw how the group wanted her to bring up her family, she knew she had to leave.

"When I was asked to raise my daughters in the same manner...then it became clear to me...this is nothing I want for them," she says.
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Anonymous said…
Joni Cutler is someone that I admire for her willingness to share a deeply personal tragedy to help keep other people from falling into cultist fanatacism.
Anonymous said…
I dislike Joni Cutler on so many levels.
Anonymous said…
the reason joni left the church is she thought there was alot of money to make in a church and she tried to get her husban to start his own church. he said no to that and then she made up a bunch of lies and left the end time church.
also last year her ex husband whom she had been divocred from for a long long time had died in a car wreck. now she is sueing to get control of his company and taking is house away which was just built for his wife whom he had married after her.she is doing this just to back at him and the church. his new wife will be with out a home soon becuase of her deep seated anger. the house is worth about 1 million dollars so she plans on selling it to get the money.

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