I love it when I get a scoop. RCJ Confirms 1/2 of the consultants involved in the Adelstein/Schwiesow battle

In her column today, Rapid City Journal Reporter Celeste Calvitto talks about the Schwiesow/Adelstein race, and the very consultants I named a while back are involved:
Adelstein-Schwiesow primary

They say they will be talking about other topics, but abortion is still going to be an issue in a Republican primary between Dist. 32 Sen. Stan Adelstein, R-Rapid City, and Republican activist Elli Schwiesow.

It’s a replay of the match-up that occurred in 2004. But now, there is HB1215, the abortion-ban legislation that Adelstein opposed and the pro-life Schwiesow supports. And both are getting lots of campaign help.

Schwiesow is going to officially announce her candidacy on March 16, but she held an open house on Monday at her campaign headquarters on East St. Patrick Street in the same building as the Pennington County Republican Party office. She has enlisted the advice of Patrick Davis, a former executive director of the South Dakota Republican Party who is now a consultant.

“I called to just run things by him, and he said, ‘You could hire me,’” Schwiesow said.

Adelstein’s campaign chairman is Brian Hagg, a former Republican Party chairman. As for a campaign consultant, Adelstein joked, “I don’t know that I want to discuss that, because I don’t want to have anybody harassed on my account.”
(Read it all here).

Ahem. Who is Stan using? As I mentioned a while back, the word I got was Jody Severson.


Anonymous said…
What does "PP" stand for? Planned Parenthood, Pat Paulson? Who are you?
PP said…
"Who are you?" Isn't that the theme to CSI?

Not to snipe, but that question seems a little presumptuous coming from "anonymous."

If you dig around on the site long enough, it's pretty easy to figure out. (There's hardly any GOP insiders who don't know).
Anonymous said…
PP's no secret. But I'd like to know who SDBWM is (or was).
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a singles ad for "South Dakota Bi-sexual White Male".
PP said…
It's pretty harsh here for a friday night. SDBWM is SD Blog Watch Man.

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