And another shot at the Amendment E people. This time, California weirdness from Bonnie Russell

(From Calling In Sick: Policies Change Over Time 1/05, by Marilyn Gardner of the Christian Science Monitor)
When she actually wasn't sick, Amendment E's Bonnie Russell would call in sick because she considered it a "well day" for her.

Oh, that California sensibility. When I was running a family business here in SD, if an employee would have done that to me, oddly enough, I would have simply called it lying, and that person would not be invited back to work. But in California-land, my simplistic South Dakota views probably wouldn't fly.

This incident is an interesting parallel for the Amendment E campaign, where they tell us what they think we want to hear, on things such as whether or not it applies to elected officials, such as school board members and city commissioners.

And as Judge Gors said yesterday, the measure the JAILers offer "is to destroy justice in South Dakota by harassment of public decisions makers with lawsuits."

So much for thier version of "accountability." Much like Bonnie's "sick day," it's the difference between two distinctly different sets of definitions.


freebird said…
Ok, maybe some of you don't know about this. So here's the deal:

Thursday 5:30 - 8:30, Journey Museum. Graham Thatcher, Eric Johnson, Kenny Putnam, Hank Harris, Ricky Jacobsen, James VanNuys, produced by Justin Speck, food (and yes that means Buffalo Meat) by Jill Maguire.

I'm throwing a party for Jack Billion and Eric Abrahamson, and all of Mt. Blogmore is invited. I hope you'll show up. It will be a night not to be missed. Prediction: There will be as many Republicans as Democrats there. If you're coming, RSVP to me at my office Wednesday, so Jill will know how much extra food to cook. 605.314.7043
Anonymous said…
Where's the post about the ridiculous pick that Dave Munson made for CoS? Can't blame her for taking it since it probably tripled her reporter's salary... but can't he find somebody with deeper experience than her? Seems to me he hired a press secretary, not a Chief of Staff.
PP said…
I've seen two on it tonight already. JRo loves it, and Scott Hudson hates it.

I'd rather do a post on the guy from ND who, while channeling jesus, speaks out against HB 1215.

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