A letter from Frank

A buddy of mine (here in Pierre) called me this AM.

"Who's Frank Kloucek?" he asked.

I informed him that Frank was a Democratic State Senator.

The reply? "How in the heck did I get on his mailing list?" Of course, that meant that the letter was mine. And because my mommy taught me to share, I'm bringing it to you as well.

Without further ado, the Frank Kloucek fundraising letter:
(Click to enlarge)

Well, ok. Yes it is a fundraising letter. I won't get down on it too hard, as it does have a couple of the elements of a good fundraising letter.

While I redacted it so you can't see it, it does have the recipient's name hand written at the top, so it's not just "dear friend." It shows "the need" to send him money, and it asks for the money in specific amounts. It even included a self addressed envelope.

What's wrong with it? The envelope should have been stamped for starters. Another big point - people like to see where their money is going to. Tell them you're going to use it for something other than to go in his pocket.

It's difficult to point to any one specific thing. Some of what I think is wrong with it goes to the writing more than anything. I didn't think the "why he needs it" portion of the letter was very compelling, and it's hard for Frank to make a case that he provides strong leadership in Pierre. He's in the monority party, and isn't even in a leadership role there.

Basically, if you look at the whole letter, it's as if he's writing it as an "insider" when I think he could have made a more compelling argument that they need to send him as an "outsider" to buck the system and to give the little guy a voice.

That, the paragraphs need spacing between them, and it should be run by a grammarian.

So, not a bad effort. But not a great one, either.


Chris Madsen said…

We're talking about Frank, here. He wouldn't hire a campaign consultant if his life depended on it, let alone accept help writing a fundraising letter.

I gotta give Frank some credit where credit is due. When it comes to campaigning, the guy never stops. If Frank is going to promote something, whether it be Czech Days, some legislative proposal or himself, he gives it his all.

During session, Frank will go through a few disposable cameras taking pictures of his consitutents or other friends while they testify before comittees or stand for recognition in the House or Senate galleries. He sends those photographs to those folks with a little note he writes himself and I bet they appreicate it a whole lot.

People can say what they will about Frank's effectiveness as a legislator, but they can't discount his enthusiasm and energy, especially when it comes to campaigning. Whatever he is doing sure seems to work in District 19.
Anonymous said…
Qestion number 1: Has he ever passes a bill?
Call me crazy but you can make a person feel warm and fuzzy inside but if you don't deliver in Pierre, then maybe the people of District 19 should think again about reelecting him????
Anonymous said…
SB 95 in 1999. It nearly brought the livestock market in SD to its knees. That was the last bill I remember him passing.

He was the Senate prime sponsor on a House Bill that made it a secondary offense to have a dangling object between a driver and a windshield. However, the original bill sought to repeal the dangling objects law altogether. It ain't much, and it certainly isn't hard-hitting, but it's about the only thing since last decade that had his name at the top that wasn't laughed out of the Capitol.

He's not a very effective legislator, but he sure does go through a lot of paper, thus proving that he's not the completely whacked out environmentalist that he'd like to be.
Anonymous said…
If I give $.50, can I be a member of the $50 for Frank campaign?

Notice it's not about the people. It's about Frank. He parades around down here like a crusader for the little guy, but in the end his issues, such as Amendment E (prohibition of free-market agriculture) from the 90's cost the little guy dearly, not to mention the taxpayers.

FRANKly speaking, he is the jester of the Legislature. The good folks from our district are being sold a bill of goods. After the smiles and handshakes along the campaign trail, he forgets to legislate. He's good for a lively floor speech every so often, but he's usually on an island when the vote is taken.

We voters in District 19 should start asking very FRANK questions when he comes to town....like what have you done for me lately? How have you contributed positively to the legislative process? Is there anything you stand for, other than being an ineffective antagonist?

FRANKly, I'm as likely to give to the $50 for Frank Campaign as I am to send my money to PAC-a-STAN. One is an outcast and one has been cast out.
Anonymous said…
What would the republicans do for new legislation if it were not for Frank? They kill his bills and copy them identically and call them their own. ie abortion,state inspected meats, gun owner rights the list is endless.I am voting for Senator Kloucek. He has helped me and may others and always puts his constituents first. And oh yes I am a lifelong republican that seldom votes outside the box.
Anonymous said…
Anon 8:16 - you are being sold a bill of goods if you believe that. The idea that Frank is "ahead of his time" is laughable. You need only to read the bills he has sponsored to see how silly that is.
Anonymous said…
Anon 8:16, if you buy that, I want some of what you are smoking. Frank is not a trail-blazer. Name one thing he's pioneered on either abortion or gun owner rights. For that matter, I am not aware of anything he's done regarding state inspected meats. He's a lot of rhetoric and no action.

I just realized something. Anon 8:16, you are Frank, aren't you? Either way, I look forward to hearing what he has (or what you have) done. I'd like details. I'll give you a couple weeks. You going to have to dig pretty deep.
Anonymous said…
* You're going to have to dig pretty deep.
Anonymous said…
I'm from Sioux Falls, and I appreciate the work Frank has done on zoning, his opposition to "self-audit" legislation for polluters, his opposition to Amendment A in 2002, his opposition to funding our Governor's mansion through "corporate" donations, his support to limit the increase in state spending to 3%, his livestock reporting bill, his support for funding elderly nutrition programs, and I could go on......I'd be happy to have Frank as my Senator - instead I get Dick Kelly, a Senator who doesn't return phone calls or respond to e-mail because he's just too busy - what with all the receptions and stuff.
Anonymous said…
If the Legislature limited all state spending to a 3% increase, nursing homes and adjustment training centers (and any other recipient of Medicaid money) would shut down.

Of course, Frank doesn't pay attention to the details. He's only interested in a sound byte. Some of us have to care for people who cannot care for themselves. It is a thankless job, but we do it because we care about people. It is imperative that the state comes up with the matching funds to bring in federal Medicaid money. Sometimes the state's increase FAR exceeds 3%. The reality is that irresponsible Legislators say irresponsible things because it plays well with the average voter. But if we had to turn off the lights and kick elderly or disabled people out of nursing homes in the towns where their families live, it would be to the dismay of everybody. And Frank Kloucek would be the one screaming the loudest when it all blew up in his face. Because although he doesn't seem to know much, he does know how to
1) play the blame game,
2) assume the role of the victim, &
3) put together a sound byte.
Anonymous said…
To Anon 6:36 -
The measure of a successful legislator is not what you're for (or say you're for when the camera is on) but what you get passed. Frank will take any position that gets him noticed but he passes nothing. He carries no weight in the process and has no influence on the policies that get adopted in this state. Dick Kelly, on the other hand, is part of the majority of legislators from both parties who work together to get things done.

I think I may have a solution for both you and Frank, however. You could move to Frank's district, which would give you the Senator you want and allow Frank to show he is doing something constructive to reverse the poplulation decline in rural South Dakota.
Anonymous said…
Dick Kelly…..are you serious……name one thing he has passed that didn’t directly effect his business.

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