Dems replace another candidate

I can't get on the person who dropped out of this race, as they allegedly did it for health reasons. But Dems seem to be doing an awful lot of reshuffling this year as they try to find people for these races.

From the Rapid City Journal:
Pennington County Democrats have chosen Suzy Dennis of Rapid City to replace Courtney Clayborne as a candidate for a South Dakota House seat from District 34. Dennis, a certified drug and alcohol counselor, joins Justin Lena as the Democratic candidates for the district’s two House seats.

Clayborne withdrew for health reasons.

Dennis and her husband, Tom, a local independent contractor, live in southwestern Rapid City. They have three grown sons.

Dennis said she decided to get into the race to bring focus to issues that strengthen families and communities. She said more should be done to provide guidance and treatment for troubled adolescents before they become criminal adults.
Read it all here.


Anonymous said…
Health reasons?

That may be true, but he also got arrested for DUI recently.
Anonymous said…
I don't know about the DUI thing but one thing is certain.

The legislature needs to end the ability of parties to replace candidates after a certain date.

What we have this year in SD is a an organized effort to replace candidates after the GOPer is in place. Great strategy. It is legal.

And now we need to nip that in the bud and get rid of it. Similiar to what the Democrats did down in Iowa a long time ago.
Anonymous said…
Ed McLaughlin needs to go. He was even a worse Mayor than Jim Shaw and he's been a lousy legislator.

But at least he hasn't been cuffed and stuffed at the Iowa State Fair.

Hopefully Justin Lena and the new candidate can win.
Anonymous said…
8:55: That's odd. McLaughlin is a RINO. How come the Dems don't like him??
been there said…
I've never been able to figure out how anyone could like him!
Anonymous said…
Gotta be his outgoing personality and his charming demeanor. Ha Ha!
Anonymous said…
There was a picture of him (Claybourne) golfing in a tournament in the Rapid city journal within the last couple of days,,,lol
Anonymous said…
Jason Soren in Dist 6 house was also just a "spot holder" and had intended on withdrawing. He was told the date was 8-15 instead of 8-1 and he missed the deadline to officially withdraw.

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