Billion campaign reshuffles staff

From an announcement in my e-mail box tonight:


SIOUX FALLS--The Billion for Governor campaign today announces the hiring of Amy Pokela of Sioux Falls as campaign manager. Bob Stevens moves from campaign manager to senior campaign consultant. Pokela had been instate finance director with the campaign.

"This is a move we had been anticipating since the start of the campaign," said Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jack Billion. "It was always my plan and Bob's that sometime after the primary, Bob would move to a more strategic role and we'd bring in someone to manage the campaign on a day to day basis."

Pokela has worked for a number of previous campaigns, including Senator Tim Johnson's 1996 and 2002 re-election campaigns and Senator Tom Daschle's 2004 re-election campaign.

Coming from a political family, Pokela says her parents, Tom and Darla Pokela of Sioux Falls, took her canvassing with them in 1976 when she was still an infant. She also remember stuffing envelopes for Senator George McGovern's 1980 re-election campaign with her parents.

"This new and planned arrangement allows Bob to work his considerable contacts around the state, leaving Amy to manage the tactics of the campaign," Billion said. "Bob has done a tremendous job in laying the groundwork for our success and getting the ball rolling."

"To quote the great poet, Bob Dylan, 'Things should start to get interesting right about now," Pokela said about taking the position.

Pokela, 30, has her B.S. in political science and criminal justice and a masters in public administration from the University of South Dakota.

For more information, contact Todd Epp at the information below.


Paid for and authorized by Billion for Governor, PO Box 1485, Sioux Falls, SD 57101, Curt Johnson, Treasurer.

Todd Epp
Press Secretary
Billion for Governor
(direct) 605.221.6143 (office) 605.271.1416 (cells) 605.351.5198 or 605.521.5404


Anonymous said…
My, doesn't John Koskan look constipated on his website? Perhaps he is pondering how to launch some nuclear-powered home schools...
Anonymous said…
Wow! Koskan kept all 15 of his children and grandchildren in SD. Is he running a cult? Do they were nikes? Or maybe his home schooling cirriculum failed to instruct them on the other 49 states.

BTW, how does he feel about creationism?
Anonymous said…
You guys aren't staying on topic. Next Bob N. will be talking about smoking dope instead of Billion.
lyle said…
here's on topic: has there ever been a bigger FLOP than the 2006 Billion for Governor campaign?? Can I get my money back????
Anonymous said…
Yes, 7:41, the Walen for Congress campaign wins by a long shot...
Anonymous said…
This is really disappointing. You'd think the Billion camp could have found a solid KELO reporter to run the campaign. Probably would have cost too much though.
Anonymous said…
The Billion campaign is flop because there is no new blood or ideas in the Democratic party in South Dakota. The same people are involved in every campaign. Only one Democrat gubernatorial has received more than 43 percent since 1978. (Lars Herseth 1986, 48.2%). The Democrats will not win in this state until they have a message!
Mike said…
Oh yeah, the Republican Rounds message of "Vote for me, I smile and I am nice...Did you notice that I smile alot?" is very inspiring.
Anonymous said…
I think it's so funny how Dems act like Mike Rounds has no substance. Listen to the debates between Rounds and Billion, or any of their public comments. Rounds has plans, statistics, goals, and successes. It's Billion who has practically no substance to back up his campaign.
Mike said…
Give a short summary of Gov Rounds successes. I mean this in a serious way, not to be sarcastic. I am trying to see if we can reach some common ground.
Anonymous said…
Anon 2:03 is right. Billion says "We need to look at (fill in the blank)" a lot. Heard that phrase over and over during a radio debate a few weeks ago. In that same debate, when Rounds produced statistics, etc., Billion said, "Figures, figures, figures." He has a lot of nice-sounding platitudes. Kind of like John Kerry's "I have a plan" but nobody ever found out what it was.

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