Called out and deservedly so on the Shaw matter

One of my anonymous commenters called me out and deservedly so. My mind was on other things lately, so I wasn't paying much attention. Here's where they gave me the business:
News flash: PP missed an easy one

Shaw keeps changing the story. In the Rapid City Journal it was:

"The lady driving it said, 'What are you doing?' " Shaw said. "I said 'I'm concerned about the safety of everyone here. What are you doing driving a car through here?' Ten seconds later the fair patrol grabs me."

Then a couple of days later he told the Argus Leader it was:

“I don’t remember having any conversation with her at all, I wouldn’t say I didn’t, but I don’t recall any conversation whatsoever."

Which is it?
Good call on that one, anon. In the beginning, he says here to the Rapid City Journal in his press conference:
“Sort of like somebody herding cattle,” he said. “They weren’t running into anybody, but it was kind of like, ‘Get out of my way.’”

That didn’t sit well with Shaw. He freely admits he was frustrated when he rapped on the back end of the SUV and asked the woman driving what she was doing driving through pedestrians. (my emphasis)
But that directly contradicts what he says here just three or four days later to the Des Moines Register (as related in the Argus):
“It doesn’t sound accurate at all. First of all, I wasn’t with anybody, I was trying to be with somebody, my daughter, but there was no one else around,” he said. “I don’t remember having any conversation with her at all, I wouldn’t say I didn’t, but I don’t recall any conversation whatsoever."
So did he or didn't he? The woman involved (in the same article) seems to tell a tale that he did much more than having no conversation ot the "what she was doing driving through pedestrians" statement:
Marchack said. “I finally said ‘Come on buddy, get out of the way! What are you doing?’ He didn’t respond. Then I said ‘You idiot!’ ”

It was then that Shaw walked back to the car, Marchack said.

“He said ‘Who are you calling an idiot? You’re driving a car through this path here.’ I told him, ‘I’m trying to leave and if you would get out of my way I could,’ ” she said. “He said again ‘Who are you calling an idiot?’ and I didn’t want to repeat anything because I thought ‘This guy’s gonna hit you,’ ” Marchack recounted.

“He then said ‘If anybody’s an idiot, you are!’ and he slammed the car with his fist, very hard. I could see the anger on his face.” she said.
So, we have three versions of the tale at this point. And it appears that two differing ones belong to Mayor Shaw.


Anonymous said…
This is something that has been bugging me awhile.

What happened to DianeM?
Anonymous said…
Diane no longer is working at the Rapid City Journal.

Word has it that she didn't like being mozzled and want on to something else.
Anonymous said…
Anon 9:06,



Fourth grade spelling class
PP said…
Anon 7pm - Diane hasn't gone anywhere. She's just busy on her own projects. If she feels like posting, she will.
KR said…
Have any of you ever gone to When I "googled" Jim Shaw to find out what people were saying about this little situation that site popped up.

The people that are writing there are CRAZY! I have tried to post my own comments to the site and whoever is in charge of it (the moderator) won't post them.

And there is this woman named "Marie" out of Ortonville, MN...who is she? she says she could be Jim's wife...She is CRAZY too! Go to and see what she has been commenting on.

I hope that the charges are not dropped on your Mayor. This past Monday they held the hearing and he sent an attorney in with his "not guilty" plea, I heard from someone that an unidentified Iowa State Fair Board member suggested that the charges just be dropped and Chief Hummel said absolutley not!

I'll let you know what I find out. It has been really quiet here in the media but around town I have been hearing that Jim Shaw's constituents think he is a "kook" and everyone that I talk to agrees.

How long has the good Mayor been in office and will he be up for re-election? Who can we send our campaign dontation to?
Anonymous said…
Guilty or not, the issue might be that Shaw was "held" or "detained" for 90 minutes ?

Not sure about the law in Iowa but in SD I dont think that is legal.

Secutiry personnel, generally, only can detain for the arrival of the police. For example, a bouncer in a bar can make a type of "citizens arrest" if a patron has allegedly committed a crime and detain the person for the arrival of the police. A bouncer cannot handcuff a person to a chair to cool off for 90 minutes. That is no longer acting as "security" but as a vigilante kidnapper. If, Shaw was detained for a long period, and the police were not contacted, as it seems by their "no record of incidence" remarks, the fair security folks could be on thin ice on this issue even if Shaw was being a law breaker.
Anonymous said…
The issue might be IF Shaw was detained for 90 minutes. There are so many versions of what happened that determining the truth will be the first challenge.
KR said…
Was he detained for 90 minutes? The first article by Ms. Simons said that the incident happened at 10:25 and that he was released at 11:00?
Anonymous said…
Shaw has tried to spin this so much that he can't keep his story straight.

Shaw needs to come clean, and if he was out of line, admit he made a mistake.

Of course the problem with that now is that he would have to admit that he hasn't been telling the truth about what happened.

Shaw painted himself into a corner with his own spin, and now there is no way out.
Anonymous said…
Where did this 90 minutes issue come from? Here's my 2 cents worth

#1 - He was charged with two crimes, so I'm assuming either police came and cited him or the state fair patrol are deputized and able to do it themselves. The news articles say he was ticketed, so someone had to write the ticket.

#2 - I'm pretty sure his only remedy for an illegal detention by non-police (if that's the case) would be a civil one.
Anonymous said…
I'm just waiting for Shaw to come out and say that he was protecting the other fair goers for a crazed blood thirsty terrorist.

Why not, the story keeps getting better everytime Shaw is interviewed.
Anonymous said…
sorry, my misque,

the 90 minutes is the whole time he was seperated from his daughter. The 1 hr seperation plus about 30 minutes being detained. I read about the 90 minutes in another blog. Someone wrote that they gave Shaw 90 minutes to "cool down" I assumed he was detained 90 minutes.

apologies from a blogmoron,,,haha
Anonymous said…
New Mayors in Rapid City typically come from the city council. Mike Schumacher and Sam Kooiker are the only electable council members and are the only ones that would have a chance at winning a Mayor's race. Unfortunately, Shaw and the other 8 council members have the words "the establishment" tattoed on their foreheads.
Anonymous said…
Anon 10:25

Wishful thinking. I agree with your sentiments, but doubt that either Kooiker or Schumacher would run. Schumacher would make the better Mayor because he is smarter, but Kooiker would have a solid chance too, especially after pummeling Tom Hennies a few months ago.

If it weren't for these two guys, city hall would be a lost cause.

Regardless, I doubt Shaw will get a free ride in 2007 like he did in 2005.

Tom Johnson has been interesting to watch. What kind of a mayor would he be?

Seems like he might develop a real power complex if he was Mayor.
Anonymous said…
Who is Kooiker and Schumacher?

If they are on Rapid City's City Council, I sure haven't heard of anything that they have done.

How can some unknowns beat Shaw who has been on TV in Rapid City for thirty years?

Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of Shaw, but if the people don't know you, they are going to vote for you.
Anonymous said…
Anon 11:04.

Do you know who Tom Hennies is? He has nearly 100% name ID and was in the state house and a former police chief.

Arguably, he is more respected that Shaw.

Hennies was pummeled in the last cycle by an unknown---Kooiker. I believe the final margin was 2 to 1.

And Schumacher pummeled Jean French with nearly 70% of the vote in 2005
Anonymous said…
anon 11:30

Sure sounds like your banging your own drum.

Must be Kooiker or Schumacher trying to get some press.
Anonymous said…
anon 2:15

actually no. just someone east river who watched west river politics.
Michael Schumacher said…
Hey! I appreciate the mentions, but I am not trying to get publicity on this blog, but I would like some publicity on some issues facing Rapid City. I think the budget, M-Hill, etc. deserve more attention than they have received.

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