(Exclusive at SDWC ) A note from the daughter of the woman in the Shaw versus Car matter

This was under one of my posts on mayor Jim Shaw tonight. "KR," who identifies himself as the child of the woman driving the vehicle that Shaw tapped or allegedly punched (depending on the version of the tale).

It'a a close-up take from a side we're not hearing much about in SD. Here, much of the story is being spun according to the mayor. But from this posting, there's another side to the tale. One that's a bit darker:
I thought you might like to hear another side of the "Jim Shaw" "I'm Humiliated" story.

After reading an article in Friday, August 18th Des Moines Register Newspaper
about the "humiliated" Rapid City, SD mayor I figured out that the woman driving the SUV that was "barreling" through the crowd was my Mother. I remembered how shaken and distraught she was when she got back to my house that Friday night because of a "crazy man" (who we now know as Jim Shaw).

She is originally from Des Moines and was in town for a High School Reunion and I had given her my parking pass for the evening (I attend the fair daily for contests and judging). She parked in the correct Lot and when she was leaving she asked the gate "guard" if she should go out the way she came in and they said yes. (which is across Grand Ave)

She was just driving towards the exit and by no means was "barreling through" the crowd. He stopped in front of her for at least 3-4 minutes, she said she almost put the vehicle in park. My Mother had finally had enough and said, "You're an idiot" then the "nice" "didn't do anything wrong" man beat on her SUV with his fist and was very aggressive and belligerent towards her. She was VERY thankful that the officers took over the scene and removed him from her face. She said all that she saw were his teeth and she was VERY afraid.

You should know that a young woman (probably his daughter) was with him at the time and she turned and walked away as he was being talked to by the officers. That is after they caught up to him, he was trying to get away when they asked him to step aside. (Why was he running away if he didn't do anything wrong?) I am sure his daughter was crying when he got back to the car because she was so embarrassed that he would act that way and get himself into trouble.

You definitely need to know what a great job the officers do at the fair. Paul Kuhlman, the arresting officer, has been with the fair for over 10 years and is a very good man, he has nothing in his record that would indicate otherwise. The State Fair Patrol are not allowed to give interviews and that is why they had to refer people to Lori Chappell, the marketing director.

I know this because my Mother spoke with the Patrol chief, Raymond Hummell and gave him her statements. Your mayor is "UnFAIRly" and wrongly damaging the reputation of Mr. Kuhlman and the department. They were very thankful that she called in because they were unable to find her with the license plate number that they had written down (they had 2 letters transposed and it is a company vehicle so it was hard for them to find it).

After my Mother asked if it was okay for her to leave and she was driving away she just saw the officers talking to him and asking him to sit in their golf cart. They were by no means wrong or overly aggressive in anything that she saw. We are all glad that they did their job in arresting Jim Shaw. My Mother felt very threatened by him and was certain that if they hadn't come along he would have done something worse to her.

I also read another report online that said it was a white van that he said he "rapped" on the window of. Which is it Jim? Was it a van, was it an SUV? Did you just mearly "rap" on the window or did you slam your fist against the side of the car? One report said he was fine and had a scrape on his knee, another said he had a gaping - bleeding wound, and we hear in todays Des Moines Register article that he has an "injured" knee. What kind of a mayor do you have in Rapid City that he can't recall having a conversation with a woman that he basically verbally assaulted and physically threatened for no reason? Is he capable of telling the truth? He has the audacity to criticize Iowa and our State Fair Police and he can't even get his story straight. It probably would have looked better if he would have been drinking. We all are very grateful that the fair is a safer place because of officers like Paul Kuhlman. Good riddens to people like Jim Shaw.

You may be able to tell by my writing that I am upset, but I have been doing a little reading about Jim Shaw on the internet and have been seeing some "Blogs" and comments about what happened. I can't believe the things I am reading and comments that people make when they don't even know the WHOLE or correct story!

I can't believe he is getting letters and calls from people saying that they are sorry for what happened to him and embarrassed for Iowa. They should be embarrassed for themselves, for being...well, idiots!

Just because Jim Shaw is a mayor does not give him a "pass" to act inappropriately...in fact it should be just the opposite. He should be setting a good example, he should be a role model.

I hope you can get the story straight and Good Luck to you with a mayor like Jim Shaw!
The original post can be found in the comment section under this post here.


Anonymous said…
I wish the son of the woman who drove the SUV would call the Rapid City Journal reporter who wrote Shaw's sob story. If the RCJ wants to be taken seriously, now is the time to tell the rest of the story.
KR said…
I e-mailed scott.aust@rapidcityjournal.com my Mothers side of the story yesterday and gave him my contact information. I think he was the one that "wrote" the story I found on the RCJ website. So far it seems that they aren't interested? By the way I am the daughter, of the woman. Sorry I didn't write my name.
Anonymous said…
kr, If the Rapid City Journal isn't interested, the other large newspaper in the state - the Argus Leader in Sioux Falls - might be. Their WATS number is 800-530-6397. I don't know if that works outside of South Dakota. If not, their other number is 605-530-6397.
You might have even better luck with the South Dakota Associated Press bureau. Their contact information is: 800-952-9911 or 605-332-3111. Their e-mail address is: apsiouxfalls@ap.org. If they run the story, it will go statewide and possibly further. It will be difficult for the Rapid City Journal to ignore it then.
I wish I could give you my contact information, but I don't dare do that on here, and I don't know how else to make contact with you while protecting my identity. Good luck in getting the truth out.
PP said…
Sorry KR. I've corrected it. And thank you for telling your side.
Anonymous said…
kr, depending on how much of a regional stink you want to make of this, here's contact information from the Denver Post, which reaches the RC area: newsroom@denverpost.com. The Post has been known to do stories about that area, especially on Indian issues.
Anonymous said…
News flash: PP missed an easy one

Shaw keeps changing the story.

In the Rapid City Journal it was:

"The lady driving it said, 'What are you doing?' " Shaw said. "I said 'I'm concerned about the safety of everyone here. What are you doing driving a car through here?' Ten seconds later the fair patrol grabs me."

Then a couple of days later he told the Argus Leader it was:

“I don’t remember having any conversation with her at all, I wouldn’t say I didn’t, but I don’t recall any conversation whatsoever."

Which is it?

Sounds like Shaw is making it up as he goes trying to cover up his actions.
Anonymous said…
Note to Mayor Shaw:
It's easier to keep your story straight when you tell the truth.
Anonymous said…
As George from Seinfeld (sp) was fond of saying, "It's not a lie if you believe it's true."
Anonymous said…
I agree with Mr. Shaw. If some dipshit was speedinig through a crowd of people and got close enough for me to tap on the window I would attempt to slow them down as well. Why did the mom drive off? Did she reallize she was guilty to some extent. And the whole thing with the Iowa State Patrol and making them look bad. Every state has some cocky officer that abuses his power to rough people up once in a while. It's part of the nature of giving officers extended "rights". I have lived in both IA and SD for several years and feel that he was attempting to do the honerable thing for the safety of the public.
Anonymous said…
In response to the "angry son": You have been completely misinformed about Officer Kuhlman. The day following the mayor's arrest, Officer Kuhlman used excessive force and acted in a very inappropriate manner with a friend of mine. Officer Kulman thinks that he is above the law and has acted accordingly. She suffered emotionally and physically. He charged my friend (who happens to be a nurse)with the biggest bull crap ticket. Officer Kulhman obviously could use anger management classes.

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