Yes, this is a YouTube night. As the left like to point out those on the right with odd views... here's one back at them.

There are a few left-leaning South Dakota websites out there who take delight in pointing out the foibles and follies of my side of the aisle. Sometimes I'm forced to agree with them, more often I don't.

I ran across this one tonight when looking at SD related videos on YouTube. Let's just say I don't anticipate the Campaign for Healthy Families is going to ask this pair to come to SD and campaign with them on HB1215.

Internationally known psychic and kitchen worker from Bismarck, Gerald Polley, who channels information from Jesus and John Lennon has a few problems with HB 1215 and the people who voted for it.

Jesus channeled through Gerald Polley is who is speaking in this episode, and I believe that his wife (Gerald's, not Jesus') is addressing him as "Nazarene."

You really have to watch this one to believe it.


Anonymous said…
Just when I think things can't get any stranger, someone proves me wrong. This guy channels Jesus (and John Lennon!), and at Sibby Online, Steve Sibson is calling someone a false prophet for the beast (and talking about the Shadow party!). I'm guessing Sibson would buy right into this so-called channeler if he was spouting a Pro-Choice message. All of this would be hilarious if the election outcome didn't have such potentially serious consequences.
Anonymous said…
Zoikes and jinkies! I wonder if Nazarene and Linda are card-carrying or honorary members of "Pastors for Moral Choices." PP, you missed another link from their site that pulls a page right from the pro-abortion book of talking points.

Unbelievable. The Branch Davidian Confine, Hale Bopp, green Jello, and now this. Whoa!
Anonymous said…
I'm surprised that there aren't more comments here about the Jesus channeler. The wife comes off like someone on a Saturday Night Live skit. And the man is just ... weird is the only word I can think of to describe him.
I don't know if they are trying to make money from this or are just after the attention.
I checked out some of his other messages on there. He's pro-choice but opposed to homosexuality. Go figure.
Anonymous said…
This is the face of pro-choice America,he and Jim Shaw. Forget the facts and the 99%, and focus on the 1%. I didn't know those evil legislators made rape and incest legal, did you? Apparently the bill promotes it!
Anonymous said…
No, this guy is NOT the face of pro-choice America. As entertaining as his wife is in their act (or whatever it is), this guy is a nightmare for the pro-choice people.
I guess it kind of even things out though. There are so many weird, radical anti-abortion people out there that it boggles the mind.

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