Another Candidate Website - Tammy Weis for District 15 Senate

Go check out another well done candidate website for Tammy Weis. Tammy is running as the GOP candidate for the State Senate in District 15 at

It's graphically pleasing, contains information on her issues and positions, and allows a user to volunteer and to donate on-line via pay pal. And it's easily navigated.


Anonymous said…
She decided to run for office when she and some people at a basketball game decided all women polticians are radicals? And she thinks she *isn't* a radical? LULZ.

Lucky for District 15 she doesn't stand a chance.
Anonymous said…
Whats so radical about talking politics with regular folks at a basketball game?

You Dems will pick apart anything!
Anonymous said…
I assume when she says radical, she means liberal. It makes me wonder if she's ever met Phyllis Heineman, Shantel Krebs, Keri Weems, Anne Hajek, Carol Twedt, and any of the other Republican female politicians just in the Sioux Falls area.

I guess it's fine if she and some "regular folks" at a game came up with some idea, but if the idea makes no sense at all, I have to question if she'll be an effective legislator.
Anonymous said…
Tammy is an amazing person. She is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. She has empathy for people that is unparalleled. She is willing to listen, and when she speaks, she does so with intelligence and grace. As a lifelong democrat from District 15, I have every confidence in her ability to represent us, and I will be voting for her.
Anonymous said…
I too have found Tammy easy to listen to, fun and full of energy. She loves her country, this state, and its people. She thinks that she is just a "regular" wife, mother, and nurse but she really is a remarkable, amazing, intellegent woman who will listen and represent everyone, from every walk of life in our district. I too will vote for her.
Anonymous said…
Yeah....the one thing missing in Pierre is a conservative woman.
Anonymous said…
If you want to waste time with a campaign that is DOA then go read her website. District 15 elects only Democrats and has a large Democratic majority.

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