is up and running

It's been a while since I was back to check on the progress of the Koskan for PUC website. If you recall, it was under construction when I was there before.

It's certainly a good looking website and well laid out, and easily navigable.

Downsides? Not many. I'd personally like to see more information. A website shouldn't duplicate what's in a brochure, it should be where your brochure sends you to find out more. John has such a long and varied legislative history, I would hope this gets filled up soon.

Let us see newspaper clippings about his service of excellence from his early days in the legislature, and some stuff from his wife or kids about his character. Let's hear some more about his Republican philosophies.

In other words, he shouldn't be afraid to give us more and to make the website fun- that's why we looked on it. Yes, I understand that it's not September yet, so there's time in the campaign. And some of this is my own personal preference. But food for thought.

Anyway, go check out to find out more about this candidate for the Public Utilities Commission.


Anonymous said…
How about of photo of he and Frederick hugging, maybe smoking a cigar at convention.
Anonymous said…
Speaking of cigars:

In the photo on his website Koskan looks like Russell Crowe from the movie: The Insider.

Google it and you can find some pics.
Douglas said…
Look at the pricing DaveScans charges for website design and you might have one of the reasons the HTML pages are short.

Interesting too that a guy promoting South Dakota development hires a North Carolina company to do his web design. There must be somebody in South Dakota that can make a good web page.

Of course, Koskin is not alone in that. GoldenWest hires an out-of-state company to write its newsletter to South Dakota customers even as they claim to be promoting South Dakota industry and the "You can work anyplace in South Dakota and have a world market if you have our broadband internet connection idea."

Koskan is a theocrat with other problems too, but that is fodder for another day at another place.
mhs said…
Nothing to do with Koskan, but, since we're talking process here again, (which I love) I got called with an automated poll last night on 1215. It was designed to be quick but, boy, was it lousy. After a couple questions, I deliberately hung up hoping the autodialer would call me back and I could listen to the questions again.

It was confusing and inconsistent in the way the questions were asking if you supported the ban or supported the repeal, etc. I wish I had hit the record button on my machine, but, I was in the wrong room and it was a real fast questioning program.

If a guy like me that has been in this business for 20 years gets confused, think what it does for the average, especially older, voter?

A few weeks back you posted on the KELO poll on 1215 and I thought any poll on the subject would be suspect. Now I really think so.

Anybody else get the call and have the same experience?
Anonymous said…
No mention of the nuke stuff?
Anonymous said…
The auto poll was the worst poll I have ever heard.

The first question has "Are you going to vote for House Bill 1215?"

Not, it the election were held today, would you vote for or against HB 1215.

It was either a poor attempt at a push poll, or they don't know how to structure a poll.

Either case, it was very poorly done.
Anonymous said…
I got the same call and I totally agree. I got confused and hung up. I did catch the name of the company conducting the poll "Survey USA".
Anonymous said…
Where's it mention about home-schooling his kids and his desire to build nuclear powerplants in SD?

Why's he trying to hide his wacko extremism?
Anonymous said…
Why is home schooling extremism?
Anonymous said…
I received the call Sunday early p.m. Hung on and answered all the questions and after I hung up I was totally confussed. The questions were tricky. I have no faith in that poll.
Anonymous said…
The liberal are laughable. They refer to the politicians that win elections as extremist.
The liberals lose just about every election and believe in their heart that their philosophy represents the majority of people.

My advice to liberals: Keep on drinking the kool-aid and calling Koskan an extremist(He won 57% to 43% in the 2004 election) and keep believing that you represent the majority and keep saying the day after losing another election that the voters were just to stupid to understand the liberal philosophy.
Anonymous said…
Ha ha ha..... I love it! You are sooooo right!
Anonymous said…
Hi Douglas, Dave Mickler here from DaveScans. Just a note...I'm just a disabled (quadriplegia) single parent from NC that builds websites to help make ends meet surviving almost completely on SSDI. Thanks for the blurb! SD surly has a person that can build websites, but none more in need and appreciative than than this guy in NC I'm pretty sure.
Anonymous said…
Don't pay any attention to douglas. There are too many liberals on here that need to get a life. YOU are awesome!!! Not only are you extremely talented at developing websites, you are one of the kindest, most genuinely wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Another Happy Customer!
Douglas said…
Note to DaveScans,

I did not say your web design was bad, I just noted that with your low prices, it was unlikely that pages could be long.

If you are living on the edge, I really don't see why you are building websites for Republican extremists who would vote to slash all assistance for the handicapped if they thought they could get a tax break for themselves or their business contributors.

Good luck in any case. Looks like you did the best you could with what you had for the Koskan site.

Wonder if all of us can get our choice of phone numbers that turn into "VOTE" or perhaps "BLOG" if we aren't running for the PUC.
Anonymous said…
Douglas, are you on meds? If so, cut back; if not, see a doc.
Douglas said…
Anonymous 11:45,
Take Steve Sibson's advice and use a real name. Argument to the man is quite gutless behind an "anonymous" name.

Koskan has a record of supporting big business, opposing commonsense public health and safety legislation, etc. The standard GOP philosophy he claims to support on his website is simplistic. Even as simplistic as it is, Koskan violates the key provision of opposing big least big brother supporting legislation to deny women fundamental rights and appeal to the fears apparently existing in many fundamentalist heterosexual families that some gay or gays are going to hop into their bed and destroy their family.

It is all mind-numbing partisan expedient double talk.

But, PP is stressing the meta-aspects of the Koskan site rather than the ideological content. I appreciate that, just as I appreciated his comments on "Senator Frank's" fundraising letter.
Anonymous said…
Douglas, you are a mind-numbed partisan. You're not on meds, are you? Gotta be the reefer.

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