Witness: Rapid City Mayor's version of the story might not be entirely accurate

Rapid City Mayor Jim Shaw did everything but bring out the violins when he gave his tale of woe to the media over what happened at the Iowa State Fair. Now, in the Des Moines newspaper (and at argusleader.com), one of the other people involved gives her version of the story.

And at least according to her, it sounds like he was being kind of a dick.

From argusleader.com:
After hearing about an Aug. 18 Des Moines Register article in which Shaw claimed fair patrol officers humiliated him and treated him unfairly, Marchack called a Register reporter to disagree.

“They were wonderful, they were so helpful and I was so glad they came when they did,” Marchack said. “They handled themselves perfectly.”

Marchack said she was driving slowly through the crowds when Shaw stopped a few feet ahead of her vehicle and intentionally blocked its path for about three or four minutes. She flashed her lights at Shaw, but he didn’t move, she said.

“He put his hands on his hips with his back to us and would just look to the left and right. I said, ‘What a jerk, what is he doing?’ and my husband said ‘Let’s just wait this guy out,’ ” Marchack said. “I finally said ‘Come on buddy, get out of the way! What are you doing?’ He didn’t respond. Then I said ‘You idiot!’ ”

It was then that Shaw walked back to the car, Marchack said.

“He said ‘Who are you calling an idiot? You’re driving a car through this path here.’ I told him, ‘I’m trying to leave and if you would get out of my way I could,’ ” she said. “He said again ‘Who are you calling an idiot?’ and I didn’t want to repeat anything because I thought ‘This guy’s gonna hit you,’ ” Marchack recounted.

“He then said ‘If anybody’s an idiot, you are!’ and he slammed the car with his fist, very hard. I could see the anger on his face.” she said.

Marchack said she pointed the Fair Patrol out to Shaw, saying “The police are right there” before he went behind the vehicle and began moving again with the crowd. She pointed him out to the officers, who led Shaw to a golf cart.
Of course Mayor Shaw disagrees. Go read it here yourself at argusleader.com. Dang. This story just keeps getting better with each telling. I can't wait to see the official report.


Anonymous said…
This guy doesn't seem to have much tact or patience. Guess that is what makes him such a good mayor-just like his buddies. Ugh!
Anonymous said…
Will the Rapid City Journal run this story? If they don't tell the other side, it will speak volumes about their lack of professionalism and objectivity.
Anonymous said…
This is the man I know. Nothing should suprise anyone here. I AM THE MAYOR OF RAPID CITY>>>>I HAVE A WELL MAINTAINED BEARD>>>>BOW DOWN BEFORE ME, KNEEL BEFORE ZOD. I love this guy. No one should be suprised.
Anonymous said…
There is also a story on this in the 8/24 Rapid City Journal. The Journal is so afraid of upsetting their dear ally and friend, that the story has been dumbed down considerably, and the article is written by "Journal Staff" and not a specific reporter.

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