Argus now accepting reader submitted cartoons

(What, do the others cost too much?) The Argus Leader is now accepting guest cartoons such as the one by Folkerts that appears in today's paper.

Apparently you can send them to


Gary said…
Just when you thought Munson couldn't do anything more ridiculous, he hires Jodi Schwann?!? ugh. The qualifications must not have included knowledge of city government or personality. Suddenly, all those puff pieces by KELO-Land about Munson during the mayor's race make sense!
Anonymous said…
thanks mayor hansen. Yes, I noticed there were far to may fluff pieces by Ms. Schwann but I chalked that up to KELO and its brain trust being about as shallow as a SF pothole (oops, sorry, not that deep).
Val said…
Trust me, the 25-30 year veterans of city departments who now have to talk to a dingy 26-year-old who knows nothing about city business, finance, engineering, planning, and legal problems are furious with this idiotic decision. You'd Munson could at LEAST find a good Sioux Falls/South Dakota person for the job instead of a spoiled rich girl from Cleveland.
Ted said…
Prediction: this act of stupidity by Munson will hurt far worse than his earlier stumbles, which seemed like an Argus witch-hunt. But this was his own insane decision and he's going to regret it. Here's the prediction: within a few months, Schwan will be on a plane back to Cleveland, having embarassed herself as a COS and having lost all credibility as a "reporter."
Anonymous said…
Just wait until the city of SF said they are short of funds and thinking about opting out, raising taxes or fees, etc. Hopefully the voters will remember the unwise use of taxpayer monies for this highly overpaid job creation. I don't have anything against Jodi Schwann except that I can't see where with her age she would have the experience to merit this kind of pay. I wonder if some Munson supporters are now rethinking there decision to vote for him. I would be. Maybe this is just payback for her support of Munson???
Anonymous said…
I didn't realize Condoleeza Rice was Munson's new Chief of Staff.
Cidra said…
the city is spending so much money that they are in deep crap if you've read the paper...and then our genius mayor hires someone totally unqualified and wastes another $100k a year!
Anonymous said…
My guess is that all the lazy people that are bitching, about 98k don't make 98k...get a new job and stfu!
Anonymous said…
Besides the $98,000 pay, which tops out the $72,000 - $98,000 pay scale, KSFY reported last night that Schwannnnn will get an additional $40,000 in benefits.

KSFY further reported that Mayor Munson's justification for the $98,000 salary was that the position may no longer exist after his term is up (so apparently he has to fund her retirement by the time she reaches 30).

Couldn't the same ridiculous justification be applied to almost any job? The person may eventually have to find another job - so let's quadruple their salary.

Outrageous waste of taxpayer money.
Anonymous said…
anon 12:39
I am not lazy, worked for a fortune 14 company with 25,000 employess and did not make 98K.
So dont call us lazy because we dont make 98K
How narrow minded your comments are.How old are you 15?? What an immature comment.
She makes more then the mayor....are you saying he is lazy?

I don't blame Jodi for not having any experience, if the Mayor offered me a postion at 98K i would take it too.
Chris Madsen said…
I just realized that cartoon was drawn by Jason Folkerts.

This is the same Jason Folkerts who, as I understand it, got canned or at least severely reprimanded about 21-22 years ago for a cartoon he drew for the Lincoln Senior High Statesman. I cannot recall what the subject was, but I do remeber these fat little rats dressed in Washington High School cheerleading outfits. It was an absolute scream.

I think I still have that one in a box somewhere in the basement.

What a hoot. The Argus ought to hire him.
PP said…
I'll have to ask my wife about that. She's a SF Lincoln High Grad.
jason folkerts said…
I wasn't canned (well, sort of I guess ) - reprimanded, yes, absolutely. Here, here, for the first taste of the power of the press. Loved it and wanted more!
I drew our three prinicipals saying goodbye to the students for spring break and happened to put the key principal - Fred Stephens in boxers with little 69's all over inside the flower pattern. Got thrown off the newspaper staff and almost didn't get my diploma signed for that one.
Crazy what a drawing will do to somebody. I was the great antihero for the student body who thought Fred was a tool, frightened the staff and saw the power of images first hand.

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