Consider those districts done. The Judge has been upheld.

The Argus Leader was reporting this afternoon and tonight that the Legislative Districts as drawn by Judge Schreier have been upheld on appeal. What does this mean? Full speed ahead in campaigning in the new districts:
A federal appeals court has upheld a judge’s decision that redrew the boundaries of three legislative districts in an attempt to give American Indian voters a chance to elect more Indian candidates to the South Dakota Legislature.

A three-judge panel of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on today upheld U.S. District Judge Karen Schreier’s rulings in the case.

Schreier had ruled that the redistricting plan approved by the Legislature in 2001 illegally packed too many Indians in District 27, which for many years had included the Rosebud Reservation and the main part of the Pine Ridge Reservation.
Read it all here. And from my prior post on the topic - here are the maps I did about a year ago:
Here's the maps of districts 21, 26 and 27 as they exist today.

The NEW district 21 as compared to the old gives up Gregory county and exchanges it for Lyman and Jones counties. (Sorry for the dark color obfuscating the text, I said they were quick and dirty).

District 26 uses the favorite trick of the courts in situations like this, and splits 26 into two separate house districts, 26a, and 26b. District 26 is really re-engineered, going from Haakon, Part of Bennett, Jackson, Jones, Mellette, Lyman, & Tripp counties to Mellette, Todd, Tripp and Gregory Counties.

District 27 goes from Todd, Part of Bennett and Shannon counties to Shannon, Bennett, Jackson, and Haakon county. This district could prove to be a bit of a wild card, given the Republican tendencies of Haakon County, the Democratic strongholds of Bennett and Shannon Counties, and almost evenly split Jackson county.
You can read that post here. And along the lines of a follow up post I did after that, here's an updated run down of the incumbents (and a few of those who have run before) in those districts:
District 21 Senate - Cooper Garnos
District 26 Senate - Jule Bartling
District 27 Senate - Theresa Two Bulls

District 21 House - Tom Deadrick (& Kent Juhnke returning after an absence)
District 26a House - Barry Jensen (& Larry Lucas returning after a longer absence)
District 26b House - Tom Glover
District 27 House - Jim Bradford and Vacant
I did the prior post here.


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Looks like "Color-Blind Perfect". They should have listened!

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