And in the RCJ Fall River Co States Atty tells the Sierra Club to behave

My buddy Lance takes on the Sierra Club in the letters to the editor section in today's Rapid City Journal:
No bullying

I have now read two letters on your Opinion page mischaracterizing the actions of Commissioner Ken Davis during the Pennington County Commission's consideration of the Sierra Club's request to create wilderness areas on the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands.

I was at the meeting and Davis' actions were not bullying or badgering. He did, however, ask legitimate questions of the representative of the Sierra Club about the inconsistency between her testimony that day and the written goals of her organization.

The local Sierra Club representatives testified that grazing will continue in their proposed wilderness areas. To that statement, Commissioner Davis read the Sierra Club's written policy and asked a question. Unfortunately for the Sierra Club's representative, she could not explain the inconsistency.

At, the Sierra Club states: "Commercial grazing is not appropriate on federal public lands except where it is shown by science that some grazing is needed to achieve ecological objectives."

Is this the same science they use to justify the listing of prairie dog as an endangered species and to prevent logging in areas damaged by the mountain pine beetle?

Sierra Club: Please stop twisting and mischaracterizing. Davis didn't bully you - he only attempted to keep you honest.


Hot Springs


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