CCK Reports: Roger Hunt is Democratic Public Enemy #1

By this point, the information is third hand, but Clean Cut Kid is reporting that Steve Hildebrand is sending an email around to friends and activists this morning about his outrage, and the fact that Roger Hunt is now #1 on their "hit list." From Clean Cut Kid:
I remember fondly twelve years ago when Democrats controlled the South Dakota Senate. A group of progressive Democrats worked hard to do right for South Dakota. And because there was two-party government in Pierre, with Republicans holding a slight majority in the House, the extremists were marginalized and good policies were put forth.


After watching this legislature and their shenanigans for the last two months, I decided I would take my own action and start a new state PAC to fund good progressive candidates who will take on people like Roger Hunt and his followers. The PAC is named Common Sense South Dakota and already progressive Democrats from across the state are sending generous contributions.

I would encourage you to contribute what you can to Common Sense South Dakota. Together we can elect good progressive Democrats who will restore common sense back in our legislature – leaders who will fight for public education, good wages and health care reform.

The PAC will have no overhead. It will be an entity that will make significant contributions to progressive candidates who need it the most and have the best chance of making a difference in Pierre. Roger Hunt will be target #1.
Read it all here. And watch out for goombahs who are comin' to Sioux Falls to whack Roger. (Isn't that how they say it on the Sopranos?) Fuggedaboudit.


Anonymous said…
That is crazy. Roger Hunt is the only person keeping the SDDP in business...
Anonymous said…
Too true. He does more good than harm by being such a lone. Only if Allen Unruh would get elected (or his wife, the one that's had the abortion) would I support an effort to get rid of Roger Hunt.
Anonymous said…
I meant loon, not lone.
Unknown said…
I can't think, "Roger Hunt", without also thinking, "smarmy little tick".

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