Intra-party Ire in South Dakota

As I think it's gotten the most comments ever at the SDWC, most of you are probably familiar with my recent disagreement with the SDGOP chair Randy Frederick over issues of discretion and manners.

But that's nothing compared to what could be brewing within the SDDP since Ron Volesky bowed out of the race for Governor. Within literally minutes after his post, Chad at CCK had this doozy of an anonymous comment left on his blog under the Volesky post:
It’s official…Judy Olson Duhamel’s grand experiment to move the State Democratic Party’s headquarters to Pierre is a huge failure. Even Judy, who lives in la-la-land when it comes to smart political decisions, can’t deny it any longer.

It is a safe bet that for the first time in state history that the Democrats will fail to fill all of the constitutional seats on the ballot. With three months before the Democratic Primary, Judy cannot even get someone to run for Governor – not even Ron Volesky!

What does it say about the leadership of our party—Judy Olson Duhamel, who’s been in office since 2000—that we have less than 1/3 of all the legislative seats in both the House and State Senate? We cannot stop any of the worst pieces of Republican legislation. There is literally no reason to show up.


Remember the good old days of 1992 when we held a majority of the Senate seats? Remember when Democrats won new seats in the House and Senate? Remember when we had Democratic legislators in the Black Hills region? I do, and it wasn’t that long ago.

McGovern Day is coming up on March 11th. Isn’t it ironic that we will be celebrating the achievements of the man who once rebuilt the Democratic Party in South Dakota as our own party is meeting its slow and painful demise?
I'd advise you to go over to his weblog, look and link. I'm sure there will be many more comments to come along this same vein. The angry Democrats are possibly going to be coming out for this one.


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