It's hard to argue with that. Except for the part where they never get elected in SD.

Libertarians are making their push for candidates this year. And one of the big attractions for the party? You can be a candidate for the legislature with two signatures. Or be on a statewide ballot with 20. From the South Dakota Libertarian Blog.....
Will you run and make a difference or will you do nothing?

In 2006, we have some of the EASIEST requirements for getting on the ballot in South Dakota for legislative, county, State and Federal offices: often just 1 or 2 signatures, and for Governor or US Congress, just 20 valid Libertarian signatures?

It's EASY!

Decide to run! You will make a difference IMMEDIATELY--you'll give people the gift of CHOICE.

Thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of people will have a LIBERTARIAN to vote for! (Instead of the one or two parties that usually run things).
I'll try not to get trampled from all the people running to Pierre to get their ballots. And I prefer the gift of chocolate. Or the gift of Cheeseburgers.


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