From the other side of the Judicial Accountability Act

Despite the fact that I couldn't agree with the JAIL measure less, I'm going to link to this pro-JAIL article in the interest of a little fairness. I'll even refrain from smart alecky comments. From the Yankton County Press and Dakotan, David Estes discusses why "Judges Must Be Accountable To People" -
Sen. Moore tries to spin the issue by claiming a giant California conspiracy is behind the issue. South Dakotans, such as Bill Stegmeier of Tea, wrote the initiative and collected the vast majority of the signatures. A professional signature-gathering company was hired. The people who were employed by that company were South Dakotans. I had an opportunity to meet the owner in Aberdeen while I was out collecting signatures. This woman has found a niche market and is making money at it. Good for her, that is the American way. Such absurd claims only mask the real issues in this campaign.

The judicial system has evolved into a closed society where no one is permitted unless you are a member of the bar. Without a member of the bar as an advocate, a person is excoriated for daring to defend himself or herself. A fair trial is not allowed and a judicial code unspoken is that no pro se person is allowed to prevail over a member of the bar.

Economically, the state bar has a huge stake in seeing that law does not cater to the average citizen. In 2002, the Bureau of Labor statistics shows that the average salary for a lawyer nationwide was $90,290. During the same time period, the average South Dakotan earned $26,3600. Do the math. David R. Usher, in an article titled, "How to Reform the Corrupt Legal System," wrote: "The legal profession is a de-jure vertical trade monopoly. It is also the only trade that entirely regulates and disciplines itself. Bar Associations are, before anything else, trade organizations that push policies and law that increase business opportunities for lawyers."
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Anonymous said…
Talk about non-resident politicos.

How much of Branson's plans have you read about? Have you read what Branson plans to do if the amendment passes?

He and his JAILers from all over the nation are going to "purposely drive to South Dakota...just for the privilege of getting a traffic ticket so you can demand a jury trial. I anticipate traffic courts to be among the first courts to all but totally close..."

Read it here:

This is not about judicial accountability. This is about Branson's conspiracy theories and his plans to shut down the South Dakota courts with his little JAILers from all over the country coming here to SUE OUR JUDGES.

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