The First "What my party means to me" response

Got my first "What my party means to me" piece from a Republican. "IK" makes no bones about where her loyalties lie and is pretty firm about where the line is drawn for her:
Belonging to my party means having the courage to do what's right. aka - the janitorial staff.
"The road to hell is paved with good intentions." Cliché, I know, but for all their good intentions, the Democrats don't seem to know what they are doing. Their populist attitudes and their feel-good economics creates the situations where Republicans thrive. Republicans clean up the mess that the Democrats leave behind. That's how the party started; it is our legacy. We now have taken to cleaning up messes that other countries are creating and spreading to this nation - but which Democrats seem to embrace. Don't let this get out - but the Republicans need Democrats in office, every once in awhile. It reminds the populace of what a sorry mess the Democrat governance creates. Even today, the Republicans are trying to fix and clean up the problems created by the Democrat predecessors decades ago.
So we keep fixing and they keep messing. It's a hopeful situation, in that we are starting to create our own situations. We've finally caught up to the Dems in some areas and are creating something fresh; something from scratch. And we are doing it right.
This country started off right. Governance by the people, for the people. A limited government that allows free will to all men. But somewhere the meaning got twisted and factions started messing. I can't say that all changes were bad - some were very good - but historically, the good came from people who approved of more freedom and less governance (Republican?).
That is what my party means to me. Idealistic? sure. But an ideal that one day - all Republicans can be hopeful and not cynical and that Democrats will stop messing up the good that comes out of this country.
Oooo. A shot across the bow at the Dems. Thank you for your thoughts, IK. Anyone else care to chime in?


Anonymous said…
Yes it’s good that we have republicans to clean up after democrats. Like when that republican Clinton came in and cleaned up after 12 years of fiscally irresponsible democrat management that quadrupled the national dept. That republican Clinton came in and brought the deficit down to nothing and had us paying off the dept until the republicans came back in and ran it all up again. Its good that we had those republicans to clean up after the democ……….wait a minute…….never mind.
Anonymous said…
Don’t forget about all that honor and integrity that has been restored.
Anonymous said…
Also, it's good we no longer hold the position as the "world's policemen." Now instead of "policing" we are spreading freedom throughout the world.
Anonymous said…
Of course that should have been debt, not dept. I was trying to think like a republican.
Unknown said…
Take a look at PP's rather adulous remarks preceding and following IK's little essay, which is maybe the stupidest set of remarks in support of a political philosophy ever set to print.

Then take a look at his derisive comments preceding and following my little essay.

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