Just missed BREAKING NEWS by that much
Volesky Drops out of Race. And it is the Governor's Race this time.

I got a call literally minutes after he did it, but Ron Volesky announced an hour or so ago that he's out of the race for Governor. Word is just starting to filter through the State Capitol. Some think it's a ploy. Some think it's real, and you can add me to that camp.

The Argus picked up on it right away and had this to report:
Huron lawyer Ron Volesky, a Democratic candidate for governor of South Dakota, announced this morning that he is quitting the race.

In a one-sentence statement, Volesky said he "will discontinue his campaign for governor in 2006 due to a lack of financial support."
Read it all here. KELO also has a similar report.

So who does that leave the SDDP with. Well, nobody right now. Chad at CCK is saying that "it's time for someone like Dennis Wiese to step up and run." Althougth, if he could be talked into it, he'd be starting several days late and 1.4 million short.

The positives for the Democrats in leaving it unfilled? Well, all that money they would have put into that race would now go to helping their legislative races be more competitive. That could be a boon for the future. The danger of leaving it unfilled for the DEMS? Well, there is that little faction within their party that they sometimes like to ignore.

With no mainstream SDDP candidate on the ballot, some of the more fringe elements from the party could step up to the plate. They certainly know how to get on the ballot. It wasn't that long ago that I devoted a post to "LaRouche Democrat" Robert Hockett who ran for Governor in 2002 on the Democratic Primary ticket. With an empty field ahead of him, He or another member of that party faction could very well come to the forefront.

What would that mean for the SDDP? (You think the GOP has a few tiffs? Wait until you would see this.) Wasn't it in 2002 that his fellow Democrats had Ron Wieczorek thrown out of a forum or the state convention and arrested? Imagine a member of that faction rising to the level of standing as their defacto representative for the 2006 South Dakota Political Season. It would be devastating for the party.

We still have a month and a half to see what, if anything, comes out of the woodwork for the SDDP. In the meantime, to help foster a spirit of cooperation, we Republicans might consider helping our friends across the aisle. We might consider establishing the "What about Bob - Draft Hockett for Governor Committee." Just to help out.


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