The Argus weighs in on the Volesky withdrawl

From an Article by Jon Walker, the Argus weighs in with the most extensive review yet on the Volesky withdrawl, and goes further into who might run in his place:
Who will run?

The decision surprised several Democrats, but they said others have plenty of time to enter the race with or without Volesky as a factor.

"Somebody will step forward," said Gil Koetzle, a state senator from Sioux Falls, who's not interested in the job. "Other people were considering running for governor as well. This just gives them the opportunity to come forward."

The question now is: Who?

U.S. Sen. Tim Johnson plans to run for re-election to Congress in 2008, press secretary Josh Rosenblum said.

Jim Abbott, president of the University of South Dakota and the Democrats' candidate for governor in 2002, has indicated no interest in another race. He could not be reached Wednesday.

State Sen. Dan Sutton of Flandreau said a run for governor is not out of the question.

"I'm happy representing voters in District 8, but I keep my options open," said Sutton, 35.

Dennis Wiese, another Flandreau Democrat, said he would decide by mid-March whether to run for governor.

Wiese, 45, is former president of the South Dakota Farmers Union.

Mel Olson, a Mitchell school teacher and former legislator, said that "every person who's been in politics has an interest in having the top job."

But he said he got out of politics to spend more time with his teenagers.

"In a perfect universe, would I like to run for governor? Well, sure," Olson said. "But in the real world, no."
But what does the Demoratic party have to say?
Donald Carr, press secretary for the state party, said Democrats are working on finding someone for the race.

"We are talking to a couple of credible candidates right now," Carr said from Pierre. "We are not in a position to name names. There are at least two credible candidates right now."

Asked whether they were prominent South Dakotans, whether they had run for office before and when someone would announce, he said "no comment" each time.
No comment indeed. "Talking to a couple of credible candidates right now" seems to be emerging as political code for "I've got nothing."

Read the whole article here, it's worth the time. Then, also read Dave Kranz who adds even more:
After almost four months as an announced candidate, the Huron lawyer said Wednesday it was over.

The public explanation was about lack of money, but add a bit of frustration with lack of support from Democrats who would say "It's just Ron. Don't take him seriously."

That probably got old for this one-time Republican and then Democratic state legislator, U.S. House candidate, gubernatorial nominee and candidate for attorney general.

For the moment, the state Democratic Party leaders have to feel a bit guilty. They lost the one guy who was willing to run this race against the magic popularity of Gov. Mike Rounds.

Democrats have a poor record recruiting candidates, so how on earth will they now find someone credible to replace Volesky?

That could be a tough sell.


(Harvey) Wollman is hard-pressed to name anyone in the state Legislature who might be able to respond to the call.

"Right now there is not a name in our legislative group that comes to mind," he said.

Now there is a problem.
No problem from where I'm sitting. Carry on.


Anonymous said…
Volesky did his party a favor. Either Wiese or Sutton would contrast well with the Governor. A fresh new face will certainly attract attention and with the current state of affairs of the administration in Pierre, could be very competitive. Whomever the democrats pick should steer clear of the liberal dogma and appear to be independent of the ACLU, NOW, tax increases, income taxes, environmental wackos, homosexual activists and unions. Running on a platform of openness and eliminating cronyism and nepotism should be the main focus. That may very well be a recipe for the first democratic victory for governor in over two decades.
Anonymous said…
Sure would be nice to have Daschle move back and live in the Governor's Mansion.
Anonymous said…
Regarding Daschle moving back to South Dakota, why would he do that when he purchased a ranch in Montana a few years ago? Seems to me that he has no plans to come back here.
Unknown said…
"It's just Ron. Don't take him seriously."

Volesky, of course, brought that on himself by his repeated legislative tactics of promoting legislation until crunch time, then bailing out on it.

He was the worst-prepared to support his own bills of any legislator I viewed in the six years I lobbied regularly.

He once said, "I have principles ... when I need 'em."

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