Okay readers, It happened again. Please behave.

Okay, I think I've covered this topic before, but apparently someone missed it.

I had another "anonymous" post outing someone as "having a gay lover." Don't. Please, just don't. And there have been other recent instances of anonymous posters getting a little too personal.

When I write about stuff, I couch it in careful terminology, and it's ME writing it. I'm responsible for my own writings and if I can't prove it, I generally don't write it, or I say that "it's been rumored, but not substantiated."

An anonymous poster saying that a political figure is homosexual is not the kind of grief I need. Even if you had photographic proof, #1, I wouldn't want to see it, and #2, unless it affected how they conducted themselves in the political area, it's meaningless.

I caught enough hell from the readers when I noted that Kate Looby is dating a lobbyist. I was writing as ME, it wasn't negative , AND I had a good source on it. (See comments under the post for Kate's response).

So, whether you are going to comment on the topic, praise me, or just beat on me with a stick, please attempt to keep it germane, and reasonably civil.


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