On track for another record month. And a request for reader submissions.

As I'm reading my page counter for the month, it looks like as of tomorrow I'm going to break my record of 6000 page visitors in a single month (11,000 page views). And with another few days in the month to go after that, I might just break 7,000 visitors to my little website in a month. Wow.

As I think I mentioned recently, all of this success is due to the people who read the SDWC. People who are interested and concerned about politics - especially Republican politics. For the most part, it's a place for open dialogue (sometimes a little TOO open) about the state of politics in our state.

Because I owe all of this to the readers, I'm wondering if any of you would be willing to pen a guest column. It will be a top level post that will be made available for the world to see. The topic I'd like to hear about from you, the reader, is: "What my political party means to me."

The Rules -

1. This should be about what your party means to you. It's not an excuse to trash people.
2. Length is up to you. As short or as long as you want.
3. Email the essay here when you've completed it.
4. Include your name (or nickname) and let me know what if anything you would like as confidential, and I will honor it.

Pretty simple, and it's wide open. Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said…
This contest discriminates against Independents. (Isn't "Independent Party" a contradiction in terms?)

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