Candidate update 3/28/05

These updates are going to come daily now. And I'll probably be a little more clinical on them. As listed on the Secretary of State's website - here's who has turned in petitions today:

2 House Democratic Graham, John
6 House Republican Stormo, Samantha
6 Senate Republican Holbeck, James
11 Senate Republican Gant, Jason M.
12 House Republican Henkin, Ann
13 House Democratic Blake, Susan
14 House Democratic Feinstein, Marc
31 Senate Independent Ballert, Karen


Anonymous said…
Aren't ther any pro-lifers from Dist 23(like from Hoven), who have the sense or fortitude to get rid of Tom Hackl and his pro-abortion votes? This guy needs to get a life and get back to the real world, his occupation is playing the stock exchange on the internet! He represents probably the most pro-life, conservative district in the state.

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