Scary Tales from the Wooooo!

Scary stories are soon to be afoot regarding the Judicial Accountability Measure, otherwise known as Amendment E.

While the Secretary of State actually assigned it because it was the next letter in the alphabet, the Amendment E people say it stands for "Equality," despite the fact they didn't get to pick the letter. I'm thinking it stands for "extra-goofy." Good thing it wasn't Amendment "F", huh? (I try to watch my language on the blog).

Anyway, getting back to the topic of this post. Tomorrow, Tim over at A Progressive on the Prairie is going to start a series of several articles on the South Dakota Judicial Accountability movement. Click here to read them as he gets them posted. I'm going to be reading them with great interest as Tim spends time dissecting it.

Just a note of interest. There's a huge number of people opposing JAIL. But who is in favor of it? Here's the list from their old site:

Constitution Party of South Dakota
Scott Bartlett, Chairman
Sioux Falls, SD
Phone: 605-361-3094

Kelley Ag Service
Tom Kelley
Salem, SD
Phone: 605-530-4209

KS-Fab, Inc.
Bill Stegmeier
Tea, SD
Phone: 605-368-9007, Ext.#1

Sheriff John Egger, retired
Meade County, Sturgis, SD

I dropped the gentlemen from Idaho and Washington off of this list because I really don't care what the out-of-staters have to say on this. Which leaves us with a coalition of 4 South Dakotans. And they're backed by the powerful political barons at the South Dakota Constitution Party. (Help me! Help me! we're facing the South Dakota Constitutional Party.)

Somehow, I don't find myself trembing in my boots.

Before I call it a night, check out this issue brief from the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies on their opposition to the South Dakota J.A.I.L. Measure (.pdf alert).

Try not to get too scared over the JAIL measure. You might need to leave the closet light on tonight.


Anonymous said…
Don't Forget Al Unruh thinks it's great.
Anonymous said…
Don't Forget Al Unruh thinks it's great.

He did.

Notice how Unruh's name which WAS on the endorsement's page got removed? Clean Cut Kid tried to track down what happened: did Unruh leave J.A.I.L. or did they toss him?

Also PP, don'r be so fast to throw out David Estes. If you read Stegmeier's letter to the legislators, Estes' claims to have been a "long time South Dakota resident" who just happens to be a retired Washington State policeman.

Look for Estes to claim he lived in South Dakota for "years" before, uh, moving out of the state for the last few years/decades.
Nicholas Nemec said…
PP, do you know anything about Scott Bartlett? That name sounds very familiar. I'm not from Sioux Falls so I don't know all the political players there, especially some of the minor/part time activists.

Anon 1&2, I'd be willing to bet that about 1/2 way through the legislative session someone pulled Allan Unruh aside and told him to get his name off J.A.I.L. because his support of it would come back to bite him and his side in the butt on the abortion issue.

Considering J.A.I.L. is darn near a cult I wonder what it took to get off there list of supporters? My guess, $$$$$.
Anonymous said…
Bartlett ran for State Senate against Jason Gant in the General election 2 years ago. He seems like a very nice and intelligent guy, and is a small businessman. I suspect he may run for something again this year.
Scott Bartlett said…
Fist of all thanks to the person who thinks I'm nice. Most of the time my kids will agree with you on that. I am no longer the State Chairman of the Constitution Party, I now work as the Midwestern States Area Co-Chairman. Secondly, although judges need reining in and accountability, the J.A.I.L amendment requires an additional layer of government. As a Constitutionalist, I oppose additional layers of government. We need to shrink the government we have. As for "Shaking in your boots" I never thought that was necessary Thanks for your space.

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